8 Behaviors of Someone Who Suffers from Emotional Trauma

8 Behaviors of Someone Who Suffers from Emotional Trauma

Emotional trauma and distressing thoughts can be painful in an afflicted person. A piece of good advice can be very helpful to someone suffering from the pain of emotional trauma. When talking about “thoughts” we are not referring to conscious cognitive functioning. Everyone requires such thoughts to function in social life, work, and school. Instead, […]

What Does Your Breast Size Say About You?

What Does Your Breast Size Say About You? Breast size is a big deal for men because of its implications regarding the health and nurturing capacity of a potential mate. For women, however, breast size can mean so much more. In fact, recent studies show breast size can have significant influence on female emotional well-being […]

Seasonal effects on suicide rates

Are you aware that more than 38,000 people committed suicide in the United States in 2010? On average about 700 Americans kill themselves each week, the number keeps increasing annually, creating one of psychiatry’s most consistent epidemiological patterns. Contrary to popular belief, suicide rates tend to increase in spring, not winter, and scientists are looking […]

Why Do We Blush?

Did you know blushing is a unique human phenomenon and it has a scientific reason? Blushing is a natural manifestation of different emotions, but in 5-7% of the population it becomes chronic. Learn more about the function of blushing in this video: For some people blushing becomes devastating. For example, Brandon Thomas, a 20-year-old University […]

Amanda’s Sad Story

Amanda Todd, 15, of Canada, killed herself one month after she posted this heartbreaking video, which describes her experience being bullied, after a topless photo she shared with someone in an Internet chatroom surfaced at school. This beautiful young girl was so tortured that she could not see her own beauty. She moved and switched […]