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Amanda’s Sad Story

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Amanda's Sad Story

Amanda Todd, 15, of Canada, killed herself one month after she posted this heartbreaking video, which describes her experience being bullied, after a topless photo she shared with someone in an Internet chatroom surfaced at school.

This beautiful young girl was so tortured that she could not see her own beauty. She moved and switched schools and was still being attacked by the same group of people, they even came to her new school. No one stood up for her, no one told the crowd to stop, no one risked ostracism and tried to stay her friend. Are we failing at teaching our children compassion? Are we failing at teaching our children to stand up for what they believe in? I want to give this little girl a hug, and all the others like her. We must teach children to see their own beauty that is inside, and how to find it in others.

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