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Why Do We Blush?

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Why Do We Blush?

Did you know blushing is a unique human phenomenon and it has a scientific reason? Blushing is a natural manifestation of different emotions, but in 5-7% of the population it becomes chronic.

Learn more about the function of blushing in this video:

For some people blushing becomes devastating. For example, Brandon Thomas, a 20-year-old University of Washington student, committed suicide by jumping from his 11-story dorm in late May. In his suicidal note he wrote: “I am tired of blushing…It is exhausting to wake up everyday and have to find little ways to avoid blushing situations.”

Struggle: Brandon, pictured with a friend and his twin brother Devin, left, would blush uncontrollably even if he was not aware of it. He would avoid social situations in fear that it would happen

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