Postpartum Psychosis Made Me Suicidal Just One Month After Giving Birth

postpartum psychosis made me suicidal just one month after giving birth

Things have changed. I was then a happy lady that always cheered everyone up. Just one month after giving birth, all I can see was myself hanging up the ceiling; knot tied up around my neck. I never thought that I’d be suicidal ever in my life. Words like ‘Postpartum Psychosis kept on repeating to […]

Anxiety Disorder: Who Is Affected Most

Anxiety Disorder: Who Is Affected Most Picture this: You are a single mother of five young ones trying to make ends meet. You wake up every morning at 6:00 am, get the kids ready, fix breakfast, drop the kids off to school and the babysitter, and rush to make it to work on time. At […]

25 Things You Learn When Your Best Friend Is Suffering From Depression

25 Things You Learn When Your Best Friend Is Suffering From Depression You and your best friend are so close that it’s almost as if you are one person. You share everything, well almost everything. Sadly, your favorite person suffers from depression. 1. You fell hard in friendship love when you first met and probably […]

If You’re Experiencing THIS, You’re Not Sad, You’re Depressed

Here’s What Wikipedia Doesn’t Tell You about Depression There is a significant distinction between being sad and being depressed. While they are similar on the surface, the impact of depression is much more devastating and more debilitating than sadness, lasting longer and substantially interfering with the functions of everyday life. Although there are some things […]

Warning Signs that May Indicate Depression

The normal ups and downs of life mean that everyone feels sad or has the blues from time to time, but if emptiness and despair have taken hold and won’t go away, that may be depression. Depression makes it tough to function and enjoy life like one once did. Just getting through the day can […]

Depression and Exercise

Depression and Exercise Major depressive disorder and other forms of depression are the most prevalent psychiatric disorder in the world. About 20% of Americans will experience an episode of depression of 6-12 months during their lifetime. Researchers have found positive effects of exercise in increasing positive affect. Physical activity has been proposed as a protective […]

The Influence of Thoughts in Depression

The Influence of Thoughts in DepressionBy: Andres CarvajalEdited By: Stephanie Dawson The way we think can help make us sick or healthy. This is the fundamental idea of the cognitive models of depression. Fortunately the solutions lies there, its proven that the way we think can modify our mental and physical health. Cognitive Behavioral Therapies(CBT) […]

PostPartum Depression

Post-Partum Depression By: Andres Carvajal Edited By: Stephanie Dawson Imagine you recently gave birth to a beautiful baby, everyone is pleased, everyone except the mother. Its supposed to be one of the most wonderful stages of life, so why is mom not happy? This is a common situation that happens to many women. Its perfectly […]

10 Differences Between Alzheimer’s Disease and Depression

10 Differences Between Alzheimer’s Disease and Depression By: Andres Carvajal Edited By: Stephanie Dawson Alzheimer’s or depression: Could it be both? As people age some are diagnosed with depression or a mood disorder, they might show similar symptoms to Alzheimer’s disease. We are going to give you 10 tips in how to differentiate these two […]

Beating Depression Naturally

Can natural methods help with your depression? The answer is an overwhelming yes. Many people turn to alternative or complementary therapy for their depression because they don’t want to take medication or are uncomfortable going for counseling. Find out how you can overcome your depression with natural treatments with these easy but effective techniques: Exercise […]

Anxiety…What if I Am Not As Happy With My New Baby As I Expected?

New mother anxiety can be overwhelming. Not only do you wake up with a body you don’t recognize, a life that is nothing like the one glamorously portrayed in commercials, but you wake up with this tiny human in your home whom you may or may not connect with. Moms who do not feel immediately […]

Women’s Mental Health

We have a wonderful poster with facts and figures on women’s health issues for you.  All the facts and figures in an easy to read format, it’s astounding how many of us take care of our bodies and neglect our mental health.