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25 Things You Learn When Your Best Friend Is Suffering From Depression

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25 Things You Learn When Your Best Friend Is Suffering From Depression

25 Things You Learn When Your Best Friend Is Suffering From Depression

You and your best friend are so close that it’s almost as if you are one person. You share everything, well almost everything. Sadly, your favorite person suffers from depression.

1. You fell hard in friendship love when you first met and probably didn’t realize your buddy was depressed.

2. Finding out your BFF suffered from depression didn’t change a thing. You love them just the same.

3. After seeing firsthand what depression can do, you are enraged when you hear people attempt to describe someone with depression as lazy or just wanting attention.

4. Your aren’t faultless and have been known to say the N word (like as in squirrel bait) when you are with your pal.

5. The remorse and guilt you feel afterward is punishment enough. There is no need for the gas chamber.

6. Your partner in crime knows you didn’t mean anything by it, so it’s okay.

7. In the middle of the night, you realize you haven’t heard from them for a few days. In sheer panic, you start text messaging like a stalker threatening to come to their house now. The response you receive is, “Stop texting me. I’m sleeping”.

8. When you receive a random call in the middle of the night, you are sure they need you ASAP. Unfortunately, all they want is for you to stop calling them because again, they are sleeping. See number seven for clarity on this.

9. Being the best friend you are, you also know when to back off and give your friend breathing room. Everyone needs time alone.

10. To keep the good vibes flowing, you randomly send happy notes. It’s even sweeter since you live in the same part of town.

11. You are also known to spam them with tons of puppy videos to make their day a little brighter.

12. You are so close that you know something is off when your best friend sends a random emoji because they simply never do.

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13. On the other hand, when they send you an over-the-top “I am happy” face, you are jumping for joy.

14. Panic attacks definitely are no joke. You saw with your own eyes as your BFF clung onto you like a cat you are trying to give a bath.

15. Being a Tinder veteran, you secretly go into their account to spare them the aggravation of people you deem unfit. That’s what friends do.

16. Watching your friend be crushed by someone’s thoughtless behavior makes you want to go bonkers.

17. Seeing them expose their scars in public on makes you value them more.

18. You know how bad it can get, and you will never forget it.

19. Seeing your friend laugh and smile makes you realize how much you love them.

20. You know mental illness isn’t a joke. It doesn’t get better without ongoing treatment and love.

21. You want to scream from the mountain tops with joy when your best friend is successful at work. You know how important it is to them.

22. Thinking back on much progress they have made makes you want to do a back flip.

23. In addition, so does knowing how successful they will be in the future.

24. Your friend is always the first person to ask you if you need help.

25. This is only one of the thousands of reasons they are your best friend.

Watching a loved one suffer from depression is difficult since it is a problem they suffer with alone. Regardless of this, loving your best friend is the best way to reassure them that no matter what happens, they have a friend for life.

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