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Anxiety Disorder: Who Is Affected Most

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Anxiety Disorder: Who Is Affected Most

Anxiety Disorder: Who Is Affected Most

Picture this: You are a single mother of five young ones trying to make ends meet. You wake up every morning at 6:00 am, get the kids ready, fix breakfast, drop the kids off to school and the babysitter, and rush to make it to work on time. At 5:00 pm, you pick the kids up from the babysitter, go home, make dinner, give baths, and put everyone to bed by 8:00 pm, giving yourself approximately one hour to recuperate from the busy day. You do it all over again the next day.


Two weeks later, you get paid only to find that your bills for the current month exceed your take-home pay. You are extremely overwhelmed because although you work so hard, you are always having a difficult time paying your expenses and putting food on the table.

You frequently have excessive worries about your financial situation, followed by shortening on breath. On top of that, you constantly have flashbacks of being $exually molested as a young child, which also brings on the panic attacks worse. Because of this of her life situation, she makes it a point to avoid all social events. Unfortunately, this scenario is one that many American women experience on a daily basis. Believe it or not, when stressful events like these occur in an individual’s life, he or she is at extreme risk for developing an anxiety disorder, which may even result in chronic depression.

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About Anxiety Disorder
Everyone goes through worries and fears in life, which is mostly temporary. However, with an anxiety disorder, worries and fears and permanent and can get worse with time unless it is taken seriously and treated. When an individual suffers from anxiety, daily activities such as job performance, school work, and personal relationships are interfered with. There are several types of anxiety disorders.

Different Types of Anxiety

Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Individuals with generalized anxiety disorder worry excessively, even when there is no reason, and they do not know how to keep their distress under control. At times, with this type of anxiety, the thought of getting through the day produces extreme worry.

Panic Disorder
Individuals with panic disorder experience spur-of-the-moment panic attacks. Panic disorders are the result a severe anxiety disorder.

Social Anxiety Disorder
Social Anxiety Disorder is the intense concern of being judged and humiliated by others in social environments. Consequently, individuals with social anxiety steer clear of social events, which may then threaten relationships with friends, spouse, family, and coworkers.


Who Does Anxiety Mostly Affect
Kathleen Mulpeter, author of These Groups Are Most at Risk for Anxiety Disorders, states that North American women are more prone to developing an anxiety disorder than any other group. Why is this? Well, it goes back to the scenario of the single working mother with five kids who have to insure that the bills are paid and her young ones are fed. According to The American Institute of Stress, “Women tend to be more involved in [family life] than men and suffer more when they are disrupted (2014).

Additionally, American woman, unlike women in other countries, have entered the workforce and considers it extremely difficult to manage work life and caring for the kids at the same time. Women experience postpartum depression after the birth of a baby because of hormonal changes, along with experiences of being raped or $exually molested. All of this makes women more susceptible to developing both anxiety and depression.

As with any other mental disorders, there are treatment centers available to help with anxiety disorders. When anyone develops anxiety, their quality of life can be significantly altered. They should get help immediately and do not let the anxiety take hold of their life. It will get worse and there will be regret!

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