Deadly Fungal Infection Emerged Because of Global Warming, Study Says


You may have read stories lately about people dying from a lethal fungal infection throughout the globe. Now, experts reveal in a study that the cause of this sudden rise of deadly fungal disease is global warming. Candida Auris was discovered in 2009 in a Japanese patient with an ear infection. The deadly fungus kills […]

How A Fungus Can Cripple The Immune System

How A Fungus Can Cripple The Immune System.

The fungus is extremely dangerous for anybody that has a weakened immune system. Aspergillus fumigates, a type of fungus can be found just about anywhere on earth. It’s microscopically small spores go through the air and cling to just about anything including floors, mattresses, and wallpaper.  Most people have no problem with the spores and […]

6 Hygiene Products You Should Never Share with ANYONE

6 Hygiene Product You Should Never Share With ANYONE

At some point or another, you may have forgotten your soap, or you have a friend over the may have done the same. It may be tempting to share with them, but there are certain hygiene products that you should never share with others. This is due to bacteria as well as other issues that […]

6 Reasons Your Butt Is So Red And Itchy Right Now

6 Reasons Your Butt Is So Red And Itchy Right Now

If you notice you have a cluster of burning or painful blisters and red bumps on your butt, making it red and itchy, the problem could be minor or significant. The condition can arise due to hemorrhoids, eczema, psoriasis, folliculitis, fungal infection, and herpes. Here is how.  1. Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids are dilated and swollen blood vessels […]

What’s The Cause Behind Thick Toenails?

Toenail act as a barrier between the soft tissue of the nail bed under them and its environment. A detached or thick toenail is a painful condition that you may experience at some point in your lifetime. As you become older, your nails can start to break down which may develop a condition that may […]

9 Ways Your Fingernail Indicates Your Health Problems

[nextpage title=”…”] Out bodies produce outward clues when we are ill. You may want to take a trip to the doctor if you notice any of the following nail abnormalities: 1. Pale Nails Pale nail beds may mean that you are suffering from malnutrition or early congestive heart failure. Your nails may be pale due […]

What is Belly Button Infection and 10 Ways to Treat It Naturally

What is Belly Button Infection and 10 Ways to Treat It Naturally Belly button infections can be a very uncomfortable condition. The naval area is prone to warmth and moisture, making it the perfect medium for different types of bacteria or fungus to thrive if you don’t take the proper preventative steps. The good news […]

See What Eating More Garlic Does To Your Body

[nextpage title=”…”] 13 Ways This Herb Can Change Your Life According to many reliable sources, garlic is a wonder cure for many ailments from insect bites to atherosclerosis. You may think that garlic is only useful to flavor your spaghetti sauce or keep vampires away, but using garlic or taking a garlic supplement can do […]

Benefits of Castor Oil For Thickening and Regrowing Your Hair, Eyebrows And Eyelashes

How to use Castor Oil for Thickening and Regrowing hair, Eyelashes and Eyebrows! If you’re looking for a proven, inexpensive remedy to regrow and strengthen your hair, eyelashes and eyebrows, add castor oil to your beauty arsenal. Extracted from castor beans, this yellow, thick oil comes from the plant (Ricinus communis) and is well known […]

5 Reasons Your Butt Is Red and Itchy And How To Get Rid Of Them

5 Reasons Your Butt Is Red and Itchy And How To Get Rid Of Them When the buttocks become pruritic, the medical term for itchy, it can make life miserable. Sitting down becomes a problem, as does using the bathroom, showering, and many other necessary daily tasks. While there are many potential causes for buttocks […]

12 Interesting Facts About Nail Fungal Infections

Nail fungus is a problem that affects millions of people of all ages. It can be both embarrassing and uncomfortable. A nail fungal infection is also known as onychomycosis. It is a fungal imbalance that affects the fingernails and toenails. The most common symptom is a thickening and discoloration of the nail to yellow, green, and even black. As […]

6 Effective Home Remedies For Treating And Relieving Jock Itch

6 Effective Home Remedies For Treating And Relieving Jock Itch Jock itch, or tinea cruris, is a fungal infection that usually appears in the groin area, inner thighs, or on the buttocks. It looks like a red or pink rash and can cause a lot of irritation. Severe itching or burning is the most common […]

Rare Fungal Meningitis Causes 5 Deaths So Far

An injected steroid medication has been linked to the deaths of 5 people, and 23 states could have the medication in their supply rooms, according to the CDC. So far 35 people in five states are sick from the tainted supply.  Tennessee was the first state to report the illness and 3 of the confirmed […]