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6 Reasons Your Butt Is So Red And Itchy Right Now

6 Reasons Your Butt Is So Red And Itchy Right Now

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If you notice you have a cluster of burning or painful blisters and red bumps on your butt, making it red and itchy, the problem could be minor or significant. The condition can arise due to hemorrhoids, eczema, psoriasis, folliculitis, fungal infection, and herpes. Here is how. 

6 Reasons Your Butt Is So Red And Itchy Right Now

1. Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are dilated and swollen blood vessels around your anus. You get them as a result of straining during defecation as a result of pregnancy or chronic constipation. These red bumps are painful and itchy as well as difficult to ignore. 
Hemorrhoids are typical, and hemorrhoid ointments or OTC with hazel pads can treat it. But in case you are bleeding during defecation, you will need a doctor’s appointment. 

2. Eczema

This inflammatory condition leads to cracking and drying out of the skin as a result of allergies, irritants, or genetics. Eczema appears on the skin’s outer layer, and you can treat it through use of anti-inflammatory creams, moisturizers, and hydration. 
Eczema can develop on your butt as a result of irritating cleansing wipes, toilet paper, fabrics, or detergents. You need to be keen on what is contacting your butt skin. 

3. Psoriasis

 Psoriasis is a genetic and chronic condition where the immune system of the body attacks the skin. It normally manifests itself on knees, between the butt cheeks, and elbows. 
Use a cream that is 1 percent hydrocortisone to treat it. Avoid using the cream for a long time to prevent damage to the skin. If it persists, seek a physician for help. 

4. Folliculitis

 People refer to folliculitis as butt acne. The cluster of burning or painful blisters and red bumps are as a result of hair follicles’ superficial infections, also referred to as folliculitis
You can treat mild instances by taking a bath with antibacterial soap. If the issue persists, use benzoyl peroxide or a surgical-grade cleanser such as Hibiclens to wash your butt. To avoid outbreaks in the future, maintain cleanliness and dryness of the skin, particularly post workouts, and put on breathable fabrics as well. 

5. Fungal Infection

Fungal infection results from tinea corporis or ringworm commonly called the athlete’s foot. It is contagious and can appear on your butt. 
The infection thrives in humid, hot environments. Exercising in the summertime, visiting the steam room, or staying with sweaty exercise raiment increases the likelihood of getting it. You need to treat the infection immediately using an athlete’s foot cream to prevent it from spreading. In case it fails to disappear, see a physician. 

6. Herpes

Herpes can affect your genitals, mouth, and your butt. It can come about as a result of illness or stress that weaken your body’s immune system. It appears on the skin’s surface to create a rush. The rash will disappear in about seven days, but it’s contagious, and you need to avoid sexual contact with others. For faster results, you can see your doctor for treatment. 


Application of cream or medication should be able to solve the cause of the rush in these cases. In case of persistence, the doctor will recommend the ideal treatment.

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