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How A Fungus Can Cripple The Immune System

How A Fungus Can Cripple The Immune System.

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The fungus is extremely dangerous for anybody that has a weakened immune system. Aspergillus fumigates, a type of fungus can be found just about anywhere on earth. It’s microscopically small spores go through the air and cling to just about anything including floors, mattresses, and wallpaper. 

How A Fungus Can Cripple The Immune System.

Most people have no problem with the spores and never even notice them. However, if a person has an immune deficiency, these spores can threaten the lives of these people. For example, people who have AIDS or have recently had an organ transplant may be at risk. 

A research team that was led by Professor Oliver Werz discovered that Aspergillus fumigates will not have any issues fighting the immune defenses of the body. This allows a particularly devastating fungal infection to set in. Werz and his team have thoroughly studied this Aspergillus fumigates and found that the spores have an immunosuppressive effect that weakens the cells of the immune defense system. They are not sure exactly why this happens, but it does happen to someone who has a poor immune system. 

Communication Between Cells

Researchers decided to bring immune cells into contact with synthesized gliotoxin. The cells, known as neutrophilic granulocytes help to make up the first line of defense in the immune system. Their job is to take any and all pathogens and destroy them. When a cell comes in contact with the pathogen like Aspergillus fumigates, it is supposed to release leukotrienes into the blood system. These attract other immune cells. Once a large enough number of immune cells gathers, they can then destroy the intruder. 

The Role of Mycotoxin

When Aspergillus fumigates is present, this makes it impossible for cells to be able to call out for other immune cells. The gliotoxin prevents the cells from being able to send out any information to any other cells. This is caused by an enzyme known as hydrolase which is switched off. Spores will be able to then enter to cause a fungal infection in organs and tissues. 

It is important that a person with a weakened immune system stay away from Aspergillus fumigates. While this can be difficult due to the presence of Aspergillus fumigates everywhere, there are things that can be done to ensure that fungus does not enter the home. First and foremost, a person should have a clean air filtration system. This can be dealt with by your HVAC unit, and it might even be wise getting UV filter placed in the ductwork. 

Extensive cleaning of your home periodically is also imperative to help aid in the reduction of Aspergillus fumigates growth. Another thing that needs to be done is an inspection of your home to see if there is any moisture getting into the home. Aspergillus fumigates loves moisture so it is imperative to remove any moisture from the home. 

If you are immunocompromised, you will want to take all necessary steps to ensure that you do not come in contact with Aspergillus fumigates. You could face life-threatening risks just by being around just a few Aspergillus fumigates spores. Do all that you can to stay away from any sort Aspergillus fumigates growing near your home and in your home. Periodic inspections to ensure that your home has no spores is imperative.

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