Coca-Cola Tricks You Need To See To Believe

Coca-Cola Tricks You Need To See To Believe If you have been exposed to social media at any time during the last five years, you have probably seen more than your fair share of wacky soda experiments; there are numerous Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube postings people have shared of their soda explosions created with […]

The Ayurvedic Truth About Coffee

If you’re like every other person in this country, you probably have a lot going on. Me? I’m managing my own business, teaching Pilates and yoga all day, raising a three-year-old, keeping my family intact and trying to find “me” time. It’s definitely non-stop 24/7, 365 days a year and can be hard to get […]

8 Most Common Nail Myths

8 Common Nail Myths Our nails protect our fingers and can improve the look of our hands. They are part of our body and require proper care and nourishment. Many use things like nail polish, gels, gems, and tattoos to make our nails look pretty. There are some nail-related myths many people believe in. PositiveMed […]

17 Interesting Facts About Physical Attraction

17 Interesting Facts About Physical Attraction: 1- Some theorists agree that people mate with others on the basis of the own level of physical attractiveness, known as assortative mating. According to this theory people who marry or get involved romantically are most likely to have a similar level of physical attractiveness. 2- There seems to […]

Sun and Acne: 8 Myths That May Ruin Your Skin

By: Dr. Agnes Olszewski Are you one of those people that believe if you lay out on the beach all day long, your acne will dry out? Or that if you lather on any type of sunscreen in the morning, it will last all day? These thoughts seem logical, but unfortunately, they’re incorrect. Learning about […]

15 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Brain

The human brain is the most amazing and baffling organ of our body, as well as the source of many mysteries. Although the human brain makes only 2 percent of our body weight it has over 100,000 miles of blood vessels! It’s the source of every pain we feel, and yet it doesn’t have any […]

Jake: Math prodigy proud of his autism

At age two, Jake Barnett was diagnosed with autism and his future was unclear. Now at age 13, Jake is a college sophomore and a math and science prodigy. Jake has an IQ of 170 – higher than Albert Einstein – and is now so far advanced in his Indiana university studies that professors are […]

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

 This video is one of the most comprehensive and informative videos about sugar. I personally enjoyed every second of Dr. Lustig’s speech and as a medical doctor and researcher I do agree with every single sentence of his speech. Although the video is 90 minutes, in every part of the video, you’d find surprising facts […]

Sugar consumption is mind-blowing

Women should limit their sugar intake to less than 6 teaspoons per day. Men should limit their daily sugar intake to less than 9 teaspoon. BUT The average American has more than 22 teaspoons of sugar a day! The average child consumes 32 teaspoons per day! To see more shocking facts about sugar click here. […]