Watch Why She Keeps Her Cooler On Her Porch…It’s Amazing!

Watch Why She Keeps Her Cooler On Her Porch…It’s Amazing! Imagine yourself stepping out of your cool, air-conditioned home or office to hit the streets as a mail carrier. During your time traveling outside, you are carrying miscellaneous items to be delivered to the people therein. Throughout the day, you will have undoubtedly noticed the […]

She’s a Champion With NO Legs, but Her Real Life Secret Will Shock You Even More!

Jennifer Bricker’s Amazing Story- She’s a Champion With NO Legs, but Her Real Life Secret Will Shock You Even More! The story of Jen Bricker’s life is one for the ages. In fact, it almost seems like Shakespeare was writing about her when he penned the phrase “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.” This incredible […]

The Ice Bucket Challenge That Will Make You Cry!!

The Ice Bucket Challenge That  Will Make You Cry I thought I had seen them all, my Facebook wall is filled from top to bottom with Ice Bucket challenges, but this one is like no other one out there!!! This video really touched my heart and made me cry. If there is one video you […]

How to make Fire from ICE!!

It’s so interesting that you can create a source of heat in freezing temperatures from ice! And then you can boil some ice and get pure drinking water. This is certainly a basic survival skill: How to make Fire by ice from the creek , clear ice is almost as much of a challenge as […]

Here is My Muffin Top And Watch It BOUNCE!

Erin Keaney is a Canadian comedian and mother of two. In this amazing video she raps about “muffin tops” and loving your body after giving birth. “The next time you wave your hands in the air, Don’t be shy, let it fly, there’s no need to be scared Your muffin top just wants to come […]

100 Year Old BFFs Just Make You Want to Hug Your Bestie

Last month Steve Harvey brought 100 year old best friends to his show and they shared their secrets to lifelong happiness and friendship. Irene and Alice have been friends for more than 9 decades! Can you imagine that? Now in this video Harvey asked them to share their thoughts about today’s pop culture. They are […]

What Do You Do If You See A Freezing Child?

What would you do if you saw a freezing child? The producers of this video set up a hidden camera and placed Johannes at a bus stop, in Oslo, Norway. People’s reaction is priceless. The film is made to raise awareness of the situation for children in Syria, and to raise funds to SOS Children’s […]

Dying Man Leaves Daughter Life Advice on Napkins

Dying Man Leaves Daughter Life Advice on Napkins There is often a beautiful bond that a father and daughter share. Here we have a classic example of the tender love shared by a daughter-father duo. This story is about a father named Garth Callaghan, 44, and his daughter Emma from Glen Allen, Virginia, he has […]

This Brilliant 15-Year-Old Wows M.I.T.

This Brilliant 15-Year-Old Wows M.I.T. This is a great story: It’s a story of A young genius boy who knows no boundaries. 15-Year-Old Kelvin Doe is a young inventor living in Sierra Leone, a less- developed country in West Africa. When he was 13, Kelvin scours the trash bins for spare parts to make electronic […]

The disfigured man the Pope kissed

In today’s world people get busy with their own lives, no one has time to wait and think or feel the suffering of other people. This feeling of empathy is also called compassion. Its that emotion which arises out of the suffering of others and motivates a desire to help. Your attitude and behavior to […]

The Man Who Never Gave Up

This video is the transformation story of Jon Calvo, a man who never gave up; and it embodies 3 years of hard work and 175 pounds of weight loss. This is a story of blood,sweat,dedication,dicipline and passion. By April 2010 he reached to his highest weight (340 pounds) and he started his journey. Watch this […]

Creativity with food by Hong Yi

Hong Yi, who goes by the nickname ‘Red’ (Hong, sounds like the word ‘red’ in Mandarin), also known as the artist who ‘loves to paint, but not with a paintbrush’, is a Master of Architecture graduate from the University of Melbourne, but that’s just one of the many reasons this Malaysian artist-architect is well known […]

Against The Odds: The Unbelievable Journey of Lizzie Velasquez

  Lizzie Velasquez is an amazing 23 year old woman who was taunted, teased, and bullied in school, she overcame every opposition and became a writer, a public speaker, and an inspiration to everyone she comes in contact with. She suffers from a disease so rare that it doesn’t have a name, she is one […]

Aimee Mullins: A Breakthrough Story

Aimee Mullins: A Breakthrough Story Aimee Mullins initially received international attention as an athlete in media. Born without fibulae in both legs, Aimee’s medical prognosis was bleak; she would never walk and would spend the rest of her life on a wheelchair. Therefore, the doctors amputated both her legs below the knee on her first birthday. […]