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8 Most Common Nail Myths

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8 Most Common Nail Myths

8 Common Nail Myths

Our nails protect our fingers and can improve the look of our hands. They are part of our body and require proper care and nourishment. Many use things like nail polish, gels, gems, and tattoos to make our nails look pretty. There are some nail-related myths many people believe in. PositiveMed has a list of some commonly accepted myths.

1. Any manicure cream can treat nail infections

Nail infections are a common problem. If you have a nail infection don’t use creams or ointments suggested by your friends or relatives as the wrong application might make it worse. Visit your doctor or dermatologist. Understand that it’s an infection and should be treated with a professional approach.

2. Nail appearance is a reliable judge of health

Many believe looking at nails is a reliable way of judging one’s health. It’s true that some problems can be diagnosed by looking at nails, however there are many health-related problems that cannot be detected by looking at nails and at times appearance is deceiving.

3. UV gels are better than acrylics

Many companies sell nail-enhancing products by focusing on the fact that they are UV gels and their product is better than acrylics. All nail cosmetics are cured by acrylic chemistry therefore both types are acrylic.

Common Nail Myths

4. White patches on nails indicate vitamin deficiency

This is the most common nail myth many believe. Whenever we see white spot on our nails, the first thing that comes to mind is vitamin deficiency. Studies suggest that white patches also appear on nails when we hit our nails or go through a rough manicure, in such cases the white patches appear after almost 6 weeks. By that time we forget the real cause and start linking the white spots with vitamin deficiency. For more information about this problem visit: “What are the white dots on my nail?

5. Nail cosmetics deteriorate the nails

It’s a common myth that applying nail cosmetics damages the nails, this is incorrect. Our nails are made of dead cells and nail cosmetics can’t harm them unless you are sensitive to the chemicals they contain. Any damage our nails receive is a result of improper application and removal techniques or allergies.

6. Artificial nails are good if you have nail problems

Many people think that if you have nail problems you can use artificial nails to make their hands look better, this is not the best thing to do as using these artificial nails may worsen the condition of your nails. Artificial nails are not bad, however they are not recommended for people with nail problems.

7. Nails need to breathe

It’s an old belief that we need to give our nails a break from cosmetic applications as they need oxygen to breathe. As mentioned earlier nails are made of dead cells therefore do not have the ability to get oxygen from the outside world. Any oxygen they need is obtained from the bloodstream. You are doing your nails a favor by giving them a break.

8. Nail polish with hardener strengthens nails

It’s a common belief that using nail polish with hardeners strengthens the nails, this is incorrect. Nails obtain nutrition from the food we eat and our bloodstream. For strengthening nails it’s important to eat a nutritious diet rather than using specialized nail polishes.


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