Heavy Period: Shocking Facts about Your Menstrual Cycle

Heavy Period Shocking Facts about Your Menstrual Cycle

Most of us know the basics of our periods – why we get them once a month, how long they last and the kind of pain we can expect. Although we hate them, it can be pretty scary when you skip your period. But there are plenty of simple things that we bet you don’t […]

5 Serious Health Conditions That Can Be Passed Down Through Your Genes

There are hundreds of serious diseases that can be passed down genetically from parent to child. In many cases, the parents do not have the disease itself but have the gene that causes it. When they have a child with another person who has the same mutation, the chances of their child having the actual […]

Anemia: Causes, Types, Symptoms and Treatment

Anemia Causes, Types, Symptoms and Treatment

Hemoglobin refers to an iron-rich protein found in red blood cells. Oxygen that enters your lungs attaches to the hemoglobin in the blood, delivers it to other tissues in your body. If you have insufficient red blood cells or the ones you have don’t work properly, your body is left short of oxygen. This condition […]

How Beets can Prevent and Cure Over 20 Diseases

How Beets can Prevent and Cure Over 20 Diseases

Fruits and vegetables are loaded with nutrients including the essential vitamins, protein, and minerals. They have high nutritional value whether cooked or eaten raw. Thanks to their medicinal properties, vegetables have been in use for centuries to prevent and cure diseases. These include constipation, gall bladder disorders, indigestion, anemia, and kidney problems. Vegetables are important […]

What Are Different Types of Celiac Disease?

What Are Different Types of Celiac Disease

Generally, there are three types of celiac disease which are based on the symptoms a patient experience. In reference to the World Gastroenterology Organization, classic, atypical (non-classic), and asymptomatic (silent) are the most common types of celiac disease. Classic Celiac Disease While classic celiac disease usually starts in early childhood, adults can suffer from the […]

Can’t Concentrate, Feeling Tired? Kidney Failure Might Be the Reason

Can't Concentrate, Feeling Tired Kidney Failure Might Be the Reason

The kidneys are an identical pair of organs that are in the back of the abdomen. Each kidney measures between 4 and 5 inches long. Their function is to filter the blood that is why kidney failure could be lead to death. All of our blood passes through the kidneys many times each day, removing […]

Feeling Lightheaded: Reasons and First Aid Techniques

Feeling Lightheaded: Reasons and First Aid Techniques

Almost everyone has experienced a feeling of being lightheaded or dizzy at some time in his or her lives. This feeling can occur suddenly and can create a hazard for walking, driving, climbing stairs or other activities. If you experience lightheadedness on a frequent basis, you should make an appointment with your physician to find […]

9 Ways Your Fingernail Indicates Your Health Problems

[nextpage title=”…”] Out bodies produce outward clues when we are ill. You may want to take a trip to the doctor if you notice any of the following nail abnormalities: 1. Pale Nails Pale nail beds may mean that you are suffering from malnutrition or early congestive heart failure. Your nails may be pale due […]

Why Vitamin B12 Shots Become Very Popular And How To Know If You Need One?

One of the most important vitamins that people can take today is B12. It is a vitamin that has a wide variety of benefits that helps to produce good health when sufficient amounts of it are taken. When the human body is deficient in this vitamin, there are obvious problems – mentally and physically – […]

9 Warning Signs You Might Be Anemic and You are not Aware of It!

9 Warning Signs You Might Be Anemic and You are not Aware of It! Anemia is a condition that manifests when there are too few red blood cells in the blood or too little hemoglobin in the red blood cells. It is caused when there is heavy blood loss, when the body has difficulty making […]

4 Natural Remedies to Prevent Nail Splitting

Onychoschizia, the splitting of the fingernails, is a problem frequently seen by dermatologists. The splitting of nails is often caused by the nails being brittle, soft, or thin and is characterized by nails that split or peel into layers. According to a report by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, this condition affects […]

What Your Hand Says About Your Health

What the Palm of Your Hand Shows Regarding Your Health Kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, liver disease, poor circulation, thyroid problems, and even eating too many carrots or beets can affect palms from color to texture and size.Some of these health issues can be detected by learning what your hand says about your health, from […]

Natural Treatments for Anemia

Anemia Natural Treatments.

Low iron levels in the blood can cause feelings of weakness, dizziness, and fainting. You have anemia when you have too few red blood cells or too little hemoglobin in your blood. This is most likely caused by an iron deficiency, but can also be due to a deficiency in vitamin B12 or folate. Anemia […]