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Here is My Muffin Top And Watch It BOUNCE!

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Here is My Muffin Top And Watch It BOUNCE!

Erin Keaney is a Canadian comedian and mother of two. In this amazing video she raps about “muffin tops” and loving your body after giving birth.

“The next time you wave your hands in the air,
Don’t be shy, let it fly, there’s no need to be scared
Your muffin top just wants to come out
There’s nothing wrong, sing this song, then start to shout

Bounce, carbohydrate, bounce
My muffin top
Bounce, carbohydrate, bounce

Embrace your mother load, we got to lead the way
Teach our kids to be confident in their bodies
Turn down the voice of peer pressure
We come in all different sizes, height, weight and colors.”

Erin Keaney muffin tops

Keaney says her motivation for this video was that she wants it to be a counterpunch to the magazine photos of celebrities who appear to bounce back to their pre-baby size within couple of weeks after giving birth.

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