Infected with Life

I watched “The Green Mile” again last week, such a great movie, but one of Tom Hank’s lines caught me as it never has before. He stated that John Coffey’s character had infected him with life, and that is how he had lived so long, beyond expectations. That got me thinking, what if we could …

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Personality Test

I love personality tests and they are some good tools to learn more about our inner-self. If you like to know more about your personality, bring a piece of paper and a pen and answer couple of questions in this personality test. You may be surprised to learn how others see you!  

Mind-blowing Facts About The Brain

[Last Updated: August 26th 2013] The brain is vital to our existence. It controls all our voluntary and involuntary behavior, actions and emotions. It’s the center of our consciousness and perception, and our wonder. Watch this video to see some of the most mind-blowing facts about the brain: The nervous system is classified into 2 …

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Three Ways to Find Quiet Every Single Day

By: Mary Beth LaRue In our bustling day-to-day lives, it’s far too easy to shift into autopilot, hardly even noticing the beauty and little (or sometimes very big!) miracles around us. Even during the busiest of days, when even making it to our yoga mat feels like a chore, there must be time for quiet …

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