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Three Ways to Find Quiet Every Single Day

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Three Ways to Find Quiet Every Single Day

By: Mary Beth LaRue

In our bustling day-to-day lives, it’s far too easy to shift into autopilot, hardly even noticing the beauty and little (or sometimes very big!) miracles around us. Even during the busiest of days, when even making it to our yoga mat feels like a chore, there must be time for quiet to keep us in a state of balance.


It’s so simple. Try these easy steps below.

1. Turn off your phone.
Every day give yourself an hour, or even just 20 minutes, where you absolutely cannot be reached. Maybe it’s on your drive home with the windows down and your favorite song coming through the speakers. Or on a walk with your pup when you can take joy in the little things you’d miss if you were on a phone call.  Listen to your breath. Mindfully notice where your thoughts drift and how you react. Just watch.

2. Create an intention.
Whenever I find myself caught in a whirlwind of “busy-ness,” I stop and create an intention. A few days ago it was, “For the next hour, I will breathe deeply no matter what I am doing.” Another one: “Just enjoy.” Create an intention and watch how that intention will color your day, and shift your perspective. Allow it to arise naturally from within.

3. Meditate.
My meditation doesn’t always occur on my yoga mat, candle lit, eyes closed. Sometimes it’s while I’m cleaning my house, walking my dog, sitting on the beach. Create the space in your life every single day to just be. No expectations, but giving yourself the time to sit and enjoy your own company. You’ll likely be surprised at the results.

And lastly, practice compassion with yourself. When you feel as though you are “falling behind,” ask what you are rushing toward. Look up, look down, look all around. Don’t miss the beautiful, never-again gift of right now.


Mary Beth LaRue is a full-time yoga instructor and writer living out her dreams in Venice Beach. When she’s not teaching her classes at two local studios, the Down Syndrome Association or mental health rehabs, you’ll find her perusing the farmers’ market with her bulldog sidekick Rosy or writing at her favorite coffeeshop. MB’s mission is to inspire and elevate others to live their best life and to fully inhabit, enjoy, and heal their bodies and minds through asana, meditation, pranayama, and intention setting. Practice joy.

Website: www.mblarue.com
Facebook: facebook.com/mblarueyoga
Twitter: @mblarueyoga

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