Tips to Ensure Your Teeth Maintain a Good Condition

Tips to ensure your Teeth maintain a good condition

Keeping your teeth in a good condition from a very young age is important in order to maintain good hygiene. It is very easy for people to not maintain good teeth and gums which could lead to problems later in life. Sugary drinks and food are all too common and something that is difficult to […]

How Does the Role of the Family Affect Physical Health?

How Does the Role of the Family Affect Physical Health?

Have you ever wondered if the structure and influence of your family could actually impact your physical health? Well, that’s a question that researchers, as well as experts that consider themselves a master of public health, have been asking for a long time, and they’ve come up with several conclusions. Continue reading to learn more […]

How Does Your Body Actually Reacts On Drinking Carbonated Water

How Does Your Body Actually Reacts On Drinking Carbonated Water  Introduction to Carbonated Water Commonly considered to be a healthier alternative to soda and other sugary drinks, carbonated water is simply water in which carbon dioxide under pressure has been dissolved. It also goes by the names club soda, soda water, sparkling water, fizzy water, […]

13 Surprising Reasons People Pack on Pounds

13 Common Reasons People Pack on the Pounds 1. Not knowing how many calories to consume Many don’t know how many calories they need and the caloric value of the foods they eat which results in overconsumption. Consulting your dietician and asking for the proper amount of calories you need is a good idea. 2. […]

Hidden Sugars!

In addition to the healthy foods with naturally occurring sugar like fruit and some vegetables, (think corn, beets, and potatoes) over 50% of our daily sugar intake comes from processed foods. Avoiding sugar can be difficult as it is hidden in so many foods, many of them that do not taste sweet. Sugar is found […]

Sugar and calories per fountain drink

In this poster you can compare the sugar and calorie content of different sizes of soda. That’s a lot of sugar, isn’t it?? To read more about the dangers of soda check out this link.