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Tips to Ensure Your Teeth Maintain a Good Condition

Tips to ensure your Teeth maintain a good condition

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Keeping your teeth in a good condition from a very young age is important in order to maintain good hygiene. It is very easy for people to not maintain good teeth and gums which could lead to problems later in life. Sugary drinks and food are all too common and something that is difficult to avoid which is why there has been a lot more awareness of the damage this can to do peoples health in recent years.  You will find even countries like the UK have placed a “tax” on sugary drinks to try and encourage the big brands to reduce their sugar content. There are a lot of things that people can do in order to maintain good teeth or gums and here are some suggestions below.

Dentist Appointments

Attending a dentist on a regular basis is something that should be high on the agenda.  There are places like Vancouver dentist practices in Canada who pride themselves in a high quality service and ensure that people are put at ease. Attending practices like this regularly will help ensure that there are early warning signs in place if there are any parts of your teeth or gums needing attention. If the teeth are neglected and work not completed on them then it could in fact result in a lot of work to be completed which could also transpire into a large medical bill.  Dental appointments nowadays can be made at all different times and are not limited to daytime appointments.  Taking into consideration the families or individuals that work, most dentists are open evenings and weekends also.

Tips to ensure your Teeth maintain a good condition

Regular Brushing

There is a lot of conflicting advice out there in terms of when and how to brush your teeth.  The important part is to do regularly, and most dentists will recommend this at least 2 times a day.  Some will recommend more, mostly after meals. If this is not completed correctly though, it could in fact cause more damage. As a result, it is important to not overdo it and brush too heavy.  This could cause damage to your teeth and remove protection. A good recommendation from most dentists would be to use an electric toothbrush with little pressure applied.


There are many different mouthwash options on the shelf for people to choose from which include ones specifically to tackle things such as gum disease or sensitive teeth.  The effectiveness of mouthwash will generally last for up to 12 hours which would result in people who take this additional mechanism, completing it twice a day – generally once in the morning and once in the evening.  Make sure to store mouthwash in a safe place as if this is consumed by a child it could be dangerous.


Ensuring you brush your teeth regularly and attend a dentist frequently is the best advice in order to ensure that teeth are maintained in a good condition.  If teeth hygiene is neglected there could be a lot of longer term effects.

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