How to Reduce Inflammation and Balance Your Hormone Naturally!

How to Reduce Inflammation and Balance Your Hormone Naturally! The Rising Problem of Autoimmunity You’ve likely heard of diseases like multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and Crohn’s disease described as autoimmune conditions. People are being diagnosed with autoimmune diseases at an ever increasing rate. In the US, there are well over 20 million people with autoimmune […]

How being a Picky Eater Might Lead to Depression!

How being a Picky Eater Might Lead to Depression! Most families with small children are familiar with the moment when a child decides that they don’t like a particular food. There’s a screwed up face, tight lips that refuse to allow the food to pass, and a stubborn glint in the child’s eyes that suggests […]

If You Have Digestion Problems Drink This!

Do you plan your day around your bathroom breaks? Do you turn down invitations because you’re afraid you’ll have an accident in public? If you’re plagued by diarrhea and other digestion problems, you are far from alone. Digestion problems are never fun, especially when they happen all the time. Many things can interfere with digestion […]

4 Health Problems Most Men Will Have by Age 50

4 Health Problems Most Men Will Have by Age 50 As we age, our bodies become susceptible to different types of diseases and health related issues. These issues can be age specific, gender specific, or both. If you are a man over 50, common health problems may include prostate issues, obesity, erectile dysfunction, and depression. […]

5 Reasons Most Diets Fail Within 7 Days

5 Reasons Most Diets Fail Within 7 Days BY PositiveMed-Team Edited By Stephanie Dawson We decide on particular diet plans depending on our goals, especially people who want to lose weight. We research to decide what should be the part of our dream diet plan and sometimes even pay money to dieticians to prepare our […]

4 Steps to Balance Your Hormones

Have you been feeling emotionally and physically down? It might be because of an imbalance of hormones. Hormones are substances produced by specific organs in the body (secreting cells) to manage different functions in some other part(s) of the body (target cells). Under-production or Over-production of these hormones by different endocrine organs may cause severe […]

The Thyroid Diet

The Thyroid Diet If you are eating the same as usual and getting the same level of physical activity but wondering why you have managed to put on a pound or maybe two per week, you could have a thyroid problem, a dysfunction in the small, butterfly-shaped gland in your neck that is crucial to […]

4 Benefits of Dance

Dancing in one of the best exercises you can do, for your body and soul. Its the perfect way for people of all ages to stay in shape, and its much more fun than running on a machine! We give you 4 benefits about dance: Flexibility Dancing requires a great amount of flexibility, an important […]

Gallstones, 6 Natural Cures

Your gallbladder acts as kind of storage tank for bile, a substance your body needs to break down fatty food into digestible bits, but sometimes the bile can gum up the works by forming a gallstone made of cholesterol or other substances that have become crystallized, which result in pain in the upper-right-hand part of […]

“Get Your Body Back After Baby” Workout Tips

First of all, congratulations on your baby, you just started the most amazing journey of all, but now that the baby is here, its time to get your body back, and here are 5 amazing tips that will put you back on track in a safe and effective way. The first question many mothers have […]

10 Starbucks Drinks That Won’t Blow Your Diet

There is no need to stay hidden in your house when you are on a diet, most industries have noticed that many people have chosen the healthy path, and that’s why they offer low-cal and fat-free options. This is perfect for you if you like to go out for a coffee afternoon with your closest […]