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4 Health Problems Most Men Will Have by Age 50

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4 Health Problems Most Men Will Have by Age 50

4 Health Problems Most Men Will Have by Age 50

As we age, our bodies become susceptible to different types of diseases and health related issues. These issues can be age specific, gender specific, or both. If you are a man over 50, common health problems may include prostate issues, obesity, erectile dysfunction, and depression.

4 Health Problems Most Men Will Have by Age 50

Prostate Issues
Older men should be aware of the possibility of prostate gland enlargement and a 40% increased risk developing prostate cancer. A swollen gland may to trouble starting and stopping urination or feeling like you have to urinate more frequently. Alternatively, you may feel pain in the back and pelvis area or experience erectile dysfunction if a tumor is forming on the prostate. In addition to age, diets high in animal fats, and family background are two more factors that may increase your risk. It is suggested that men undergo one of a handful of tests—including PSA blood test, digital rectal exam, or urine test—to determine if the prostate is enlarged or cancerous.

It should come as no shock that the risk of obesity increases with age. As metabolism slows down, it becomes harder and harder for both men and women to stay on top of weight loss. Joint and back pain and decreased energy may also contribute to men putting on weight. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 73% of men are obese or overweight. There are many factors including family history, metabolic rate, and thyroid issues that may contribute to the risk of obesity and are out of a person’s control. People can, however, control their lifestyle choices in the form of diet and exercise, and seek treatment for hormonal causes that may lead to them gaining weight.

Erectile Dysfunction
Metabolism is not the only thing that slows down with age. Overall blood flow and circulation throughout the body also slows down, leading to men having difficulties obtaining and maintaining erections. It is estimated that men over 50 are 48% more likely to experience erectile dysfunction. Annual physicals and testosterone checks can help diagnose ED. Doctors may prescribe medication, or making lifestyle changes, if applicable, such as increasing exercise, losing weight, or quitting smoking.

Depression and other emotional disorders often go unnoticed, especially among men who are less likely to seek treatment. Age related health issues, such as erectile dysfunction, cancer, loss of love drive, or even the experience of empty nesting can lead to abnormal feelings of unhappiness. Depression can lead to other health issues such as weight gain or low libido. While it is often cited as one of the top ten health risks for older men, depression is often untreated. If you think you have depression, seek talk therapy or talk to a doctor to see if taking antidepressants is right for you.

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