Most Common Problems That Lead To Dermatologist Visit In Arizona

Dermatologists treat a broad range of conditions and diseases, which are known to plague both adults, teenagers and young children. While primary care physicians will treat these conditions, some may not be qualified to diagnose and treat specific diseases related to the skin. Most dermatologists see patients of all ages, including newborns, children, adolescents, adults, […]

How to Know If Your Gut is Leaking Inflammatory Toxins into the Body

How to Know If Your Gut is Leaking Inflammatory Toxins into the Body

Your gut functions in two major ways. A healthy gut will absorb nutrients from food and enable you to shed toxins and waste eventually by bowel movements. If your gut is leaking, the cells that make up your gut are allowing food particles and waste products to enter your bloodstream. Because these items don’t below […]

The 10 Most Painful Diseases

The 10 Most Painful Diseases

There are numerous people who suffer from some of the most painful diseases known to man. Chronic pain is a side effect of many common diseases; some pain can be completely eradicated, and others must be dealt with in the best way possible. The following list outlines information about some of the most painful diseases: […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Fibromyalgia Signs

Is This From My Fibro A Beginner's Guide to Fibromyalgia Signs

[nextpage title=”…”] If this is the first fibromyalgia signs article you have read of mine, welcome, I am so happy you are here! All of my articles about fibro are written like blogs, because I have it, but there are sources because I like to show that what I am saying is correct. I am […]

5 Reasons Your Butt Is Red and Itchy And How To Get Rid Of Them

5 Reasons Your Butt Is Red and Itchy And How To Get Rid Of Them When the buttocks become pruritic, the medical term for itchy, it can make life miserable. Sitting down becomes a problem, as does using the bathroom, showering, and many other necessary daily tasks. While there are many potential causes for buttocks […]

Facts About Dermatitis

Facts About Dermatitis [Last updated on May 13th 2014] Medically Reviewed by Nima Shei, MD Simply put, dermatitis means skin inflammation, but it includes several ailments. You can usually find red, dry, itchy skin in the initial stages of dermatitis. Severe dermatitis can include crusty scales or blisters filled with fluid that seeps out. There […]

10 Signs You are Gluten Intolerant

Gluten sensitivity, also called gluten intolerance, should be checked to know if you should modify your diet. About 15% of US population is gluten intolerant. There are more than 55 diseases associated with gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. We have a list of symptoms to help you know if […]

Natural Treatments for Hives

Hives can be described as the skin version of an allergy attack, also known as urticaria, there are many things that can trigger it, such as: food, dust, pet dander, and many others. Your immune system senses a hostile invader and kicks into overdrive, and the first line of defense is the skin. Here are […]

5 Natural Remedies to Reduce Dark Eye Circles

Have you looked in the mirror and seen a zombie instead? Happens to me all the time and in many cases dark circles are inherited, so if your parents have them, you’ll probably have them too. There are many things that can cause dark circles under the eyes, such as lack of sleep, allergies or […]