How to Treat Hiatal Hernia With Simple Home Remedies

How to Treat Hiatal Hernia With Simple Home Remedies

If you are reading this article then you are looking for treatments and remedies for Hiatal hernia. But to know about and understand the remedies of the problem you will first have to understand what is Hiatal hernia, its types and causes and symptoms. Let us first start with what is Hiatal hernia? Hiatal hernia […]

10 Early Signs that May Indicate Alzheimer’s Disease

By Nima Shei MD Early detection is the key in Alzheimer’s Disease. If you know anyone with one or more of these signs you need to consult with a doctor, since alzheimer’s often start with very small and undetectable changes. Alzheimer’s can start in early 50s which you don’t really expect. Early detection can help […]

Heat exhaustion:

Heat exhaustion is so common in hot weather. In order to prevent this issue you have to have enough liquids and stay away from too much activity under the sun. Check out the causes and signs of heat exhaustion. The treatment is rest and liquid replacement.