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How to Treat Hiatal Hernia With Simple Home Remedies

How to Treat Hiatal Hernia With Simple Home Remedies

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If you are reading this article then you are looking for treatments and remedies for Hiatal hernia. But to know about and understand the remedies of the problem you will first have to understand what is Hiatal hernia, its types and causes and symptoms.

How to Treat Hiatal Hernia With Simple Home Remedies

Let us first start with what is Hiatal hernia?

Hiatal hernia is a common health condition mostly found in the elder people above the age of 50. Almost more than 60% of the people above this age group severely suffer due to this condition. This condition can also be seen in younger public but not as severe.

The cause of this condition is the protruding of the stomach into the thorax through a vent or weakness in the diaphragm. This can happen due to various reasons like:

• Lifestyle:

Hiatus Hernia is observed in a person who has weak muscle that cannot handle the strain. Hence the hernia depends on the lifestyle followed by the person. An unbalanced lifestyle plays havoc with the pH level in the body which results in weakening of the organs and resulting from further strain. When he lowered pH level combines with acidity it gives birth to Hiatal hernia.

• Pressure on the stomach:

Another cause of Hiatal hernia can be excessive pressure applied on the muscles around the stomach. This could happen due to various reasons like excessive coughing, hard bowel movements, excessive vomits, pressure during pregnancy or labour etc

By birth:

This condition is also seen among a few people right from their birth where they are born with an abnormally large hiatus.

Other causes of hiatal hernia include obesity, stress, not enough rest, smoking, wrong sitting posture intake of drugs etc.

Hiatal hernias are of two types:

1. Sliding Hiatal hernia

2. Fixed hiatal hernia.

Sliding hiatal hernia:

According to statistics, this type of hiatal hernia is the most common and non-permanent form of hernia where 95% of the people suffering from hiatal hernia show symptoms of sliding hernia. This condition is seen when the stomach and part of the esophagus slides above the diaphragm. This sliding effect is experienced when the area of the stomach falls under pressure which makes it slide through the diaphragm and above. Once the pressure is relieved, the stomach falls back to its original place giving respite to the person from its symptoms.

Symptoms of sliding hiatal hernia:

Usually sliding hiatal hernia goes unnoticed by the person suffering from this condition with just a feeling of discomfort or at the most acidity.

Now let us go through second type which is the fixed hiatal hernia:

The people suffering from fixed hiatal hernia make up the rest of the 5% from the total people suffering from this condition. The prominent cause of this condition is of part of the stomach remains in a fixed position in the chest cavity by making its way through the diaphragm.

Symptoms of fixed hiatal hernia

Although it is rare to feel the symptoms of fixed hiatal hernia but some of the following symptoms are felt by people with a severe condition:

• Acid reflux
• Pressure in the chest to the extent of experiencing pain
• Finding it difficulty in swallowing anything, even water
• Consistent hiccups and belching
• Stomach strangulation in the chest area resulting in severe pain and needing immediate hospitalization.

Now that you know the condition which is called the hiatal hernia along with its types and causes as well as its symptoms, let us now look into the hiatal hernia treatment and home remedies that are hyper effective to reduce this condition:

If you are planning to visit an allopathic doctor I would strongly suggest you avoid doing so. The doctors would prescribe medications like omeprazole and esmeprazole which are medications just meant to provide reliefs from the symptoms like acidity and heartburn and does not provide a cure for this condition. For hiatal hernia treatment there are some home remedies recommended which not only gives reprieve from the symptoms but some of them actually solve the hiatal hernia condition.

What are the best solutions?

Avoiding food that triggers the symptoms of acidity and heartburn like spices, chocolate, onions, and citric fruits.

Although spices are a complete no-no for a person suffering from hiatal hernia cinnamon is an exception to the rule. This spice improves digestion of the person suffering and hence prevents acidity and heartburns although the intake of the spice should be moderate at best.

Exercising to reduce weight: obesity is a major cause of hiatal hernia which can be rectified with enough and regulated exercise as well as following a proper diet plan.

Mixing a raw apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and sipping in between meals goes a long way in finding relief from the symptoms

Drinking slippery elm tea I highly beneficial for a person suffering from this condition as it repairs the mucus membrane of the esophagus with a protective coat. It also creates excess mucus if the person is suffering from high acidity.

Drinking a cup of Chamomile tea four times a day decreases inflammation to a larger extent

While sleeping elevate the upper body with the help of an acid reflux wedge pillow to relieve discomfort.

Instead of turning towards medication and surgeries try the above easy remedies for treating Hiatal hernia. I am sure you will be happy with the results.

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