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Think It’s Cute When Your Pets Do This? Think Again It Might be a Deadly Sign!

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Think It’s Cute When Your Pets Do This? Think Again It Might be a Deadly Sign!

Think It’s Cute When Your Pets Do This? Think Again It Might be a Deadly Sign!

Watching your dog walk in circles you think what a goof-ball! He walks over to the wall with his head hanging and presses into the wall. As he moves along the wall to the corner, where he acts like a scolded child, you break out in a full blown belly laugh. The behavior continues over the next several days. Instead of laughing at his antics, you start thinking that something is a little off. Suddenly your dog drops to the ground and goes into a seizure, alarm bells begin clanging in your head. What is going on?! Panic stricken, you scoop up your companion and rush to the Vet. It is too late, your friend is gone. Afterward you learn that had you recognized his goof-ball antics were a sign of serious illness, his life could have been spared.

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“Head pressing” is a sign of serious neurological illness. The illness is not limited to dogs and cats, it can affect horses, goats, cows and other animals. Don’t confuse “head butting” – where your pet is asking for attention, with “head pressing” – where the animal stands still and presses its head into solid objects.

There are several conditions that lead to head pressing. Hydrocephalus (water on the brain), tumors, strokes or vascular issues in the brain, head trauma, meningitis or encephalitis can all cause head pressing. The most common cause is the liver not functioning properly causing a buildup of toxins in the blood, which results in neurological issues.

If you see your pet walking aimlessly in circles and pressing its head against something hard, don’t laugh it off. Recognize it as a symptom of a dangerous health issue and rush your pet to the vet immediately.

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