Pinworms Were Living In This Woman’s Anus for Months: What It Means


Some health issues can be a real pain in the . . . well, you know. But seriously, folks, there are many terribly scary diagnoses a doctor can make. Discovering you have pinworms in your anus though would make anyone squirm. Pinworm and eggs The NEJM (New England Journal of Medicine) recently told the torrid […]

How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last? What To Know

How long do hemorrhoids last? What to know

Hemorrhoids. The word alone has the power to bring able-bodied men to their knees. If you’ve ever had them, you know how things work. But if you’re one of the fortunate few who have escaped the wrath of these not-so-wanted visitors but wonder what the hype is all about, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what […]

Drinking Water Linked to Reduced Risk of Reoccurring Urinary Tract Infection

Drinking Water is Linked to Reduced Risk of Reoccurring Urinary Track Infection

Being a woman has many perks and advantages, but it also has its drawbacks as well. Chances are you will experience the uncomfortable burning and painful sensations that accompany a urinary tract infection at some point in your life. Of the 50 percent of women who develop this painful condition, 70 percent will develop another […]

Skin Cancer Breakthrough: Vaccine 100% Effective

Skin Cancer Breakthrough Vaccine 100% Effective

There is a new cancer vaccine that is 100% effective when treating aggressive melanomas. This is a major skin cancer breakthrough in the fight against cancer. The new development came when scientists gave an immunotherapy drug along with a chemical boost to eliminate melanoma. Melanoma is a malignant tumor which is linked to skin cancer. […]

What You Should Know About Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

What You Should Know About Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

It is important to visit your doctor or a clinic to check whether you are at an increased risk of chronic kidney disease. Some of the risk factors for this condition include: 1. High blood pressure 2. Diabetes 3. Family history of kidney disease 4. Older age Asians, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, American Indians, and […]

4 Quick and Delicious Ways to Turn Yogurt into an Actual Meal

4 Quick and Delicious Ways to Turn Yogurt into an Actual Meal Yogurt isn’t just a snack food. It isn’t just a quick bite that you grab to satisfy your cravings between meal times. With its high protein content and beneficial bacteria, it is not only a healthy food, it is also very satiating. Depending […]

4 Health Problems Most Men Will Have by Age 50

4 Health Problems Most Men Will Have by Age 50 As we age, our bodies become susceptible to different types of diseases and health related issues. These issues can be age specific, gender specific, or both. If you are a man over 50, common health problems may include prostate issues, obesity, erectile dysfunction, and depression. […]

Warning Signs of Cancer

Warning Signs of Cancer: By Nima Shei, MD Edited by Stephanie Dawson Cancer is a strange disease: Cancer cells are mysterious, they show all kind of erratic behavior. They are strange, because almost every cell has the potential to become cancerous, but many cells are too modest to become a monster. Even our approach to […]