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Warning Signs of Cancer

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Warning Signs of Cancer:

By Nima Shei, MD
Edited by Stephanie Dawson

Cancer is a strange disease: Cancer cells are mysterious, they show all kind of erratic behavior. They are strange, because almost every cell has the potential to become cancerous, but many cells are too modest to become a monster. Even our approach to cancer is strange: We have access to thousands of amazing remedies in nature that many of them even have been tested and proved to be effective, but our pharmaceuticals of course are not interested to produce mass-affordable less-profitable drugs, and our scientist are too ignorant to the fact that we can learn from nature.

Now we all have strange emotions when we hear the word “cancer“. Sadness, panic, grief, fear, all sorts of negative emotions… But we are PositiveMed and our mission is to dig deeper and make positive energy around the most stressful health conditions, such as cancer and chronic diseases. Let me first tell you that you’re not alone… We all have lost a dear one to cancer. So let’s put those emotions aside when talking about our own risk of cancer. Don’t ignore yourself! We all have cancer cells in our bodies.. Yes, You heard it correctly: WE ALL HAVE CANCER CELLS IN OUR BODY. This doesn’t necessarily means we all have cancer. Our immune system has the capacity to kill “almost all” cancerous cells. Unfortunately “almost all” is not necessarily 100 percent, and those cells who skip the immune system filter have the potential to form tumors. Many factors can affect the number of skipper cells. It’s very simple: The stronger the immune system, the less skipper cells and the less risk of cancer… You know the rest: unhealthy diet, sitting too long, smoking, etc…increase the risk of cancer.

BUT we have a very important tip for you. If a cancer is detected earlier, it’s way way better. When the tumor is smaller and there’s not metastasis of tumor to other organs, your body has all the power to fight it back. But how to detect a cancer earlier? You should know your body, your own body and see for anything strange, any change that is weird. This is the key… Don’t close your eyes to these changes and simply ignore them.. You know children think when they close their eyes, nobody sees them… So they close their eyes to hide… Some of us think if we close our eyes to the changes in our body, we can hide from cancer. Be an adult! Be alert and watch out for anything strange that is going on. Here we have summarized very important warning signs of cancer that you should always check out:


If you have any of these warning signs of cancer, I strongly recommend seeing a doctor for further evaluation. Remember, you’re not alone. There’s always help for all of us.

We have previously published an article that talks more about each one of these warnings signs of cancer. You can find the “warning signs you might have cancer” here.

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