Simple Remedies to Remove Dry and Dark Skin On the Elbow!

Simple Remedies to Remove Dry and Dark Skin On the Elbow!

Have you ever wondered what to do about that dark skin on your elbows? It’s annoying, and it looks bad. But what can you do to get rid of it? is the question of the hour. First, this is the best remedy, an oil massage. All you need is any natural oil, and then you rub […]

Married Couples Must Do This or Risk Divorce

Married Couples Must Do This or Risk Divorce Do you and your honey fight over money? Most couples do. A 2014 survey by Money Magazine revealed that 70 percent of married adults argue over finances. Touchy issues are credit card debt, budgeting, and frivolous purchases. However, fighting over finances doesn’t mean your future is doomed. Laurie Puhn, a […]

If You Have Digestion Problems Drink This!

Do you plan your day around your bathroom breaks? Do you turn down invitations because you’re afraid you’ll have an accident in public? If you’re plagued by diarrhea and other digestion problems, you are far from alone. Digestion problems are never fun, especially when they happen all the time. Many things can interfere with digestion […]

How to Treat Anxiety Naturally

Anxiety is a state of fear or apprehension in the face of threat or danger. It is a natural, healthy response since it allows the body to prepare itself to cope with danger. Anxiety can, however, take a person over, a condition known as anxiety neurosis, and the person is then said to be in […]

DIY: Refreshing Mint Face Mask

Did you know mint leaves have amazing benefits not only for your inner health but also on the outside? They are great topically applied on the skin, they clean up pores and acne and also help prevent dryness of skin. Also, since the mint is so strong it gives a refreshing and enjoyable feeling to […]

Rethink Your Drink

This picture compares the sugar contents of different drinks. The best and healthiest drink among all drinks is water. If you like to have some taste, why not add a tiny slice of lemon or other fruits to that?     How about this refreshing drink? It’s so easy-to-prepare and you only need fresh fruits, […]

10 Healing Herbs

Last updated 10/19/12 This is an amazing poster that shows benefits of different herbs for improved health.  Also,  great ideas to pair them with other foods to increase their effect. Most of these herbs have been used for centuries in ancient medicines and proven to be effective.