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Simple Remedies to Remove Dry and Dark Skin On the Elbow!

Simple Remedies to Remove Dry and Dark Skin On the Elbow!

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Have you ever wondered what to do about that dark skin on your elbows? It’s annoying, and it looks bad. But what can you do to get rid of it? is the question of the hour.

First, this is the best remedy, an oil massage. All you need is any natural oil, and then you rub gently in circles to get rid of any loose and dark skin on your elbows. This remedy has been around since the beginning of time, and it’s sure to get rid of all those dark flakes that may plague you.

Simple Remedies to Remove Dry and Dark Skin On the Elbow!

Another solution is mustard oil. Yes, it works. You will want to find mustard oil at your local store and then rinse it off with soap and warm water. This should help remove all the dark flakes and dark skin from your elbows. You’re sure to be rewarded for your efforts with fresh-looking skin.

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Next, you can try Vitamin E oil. This is available anywhere, and you will be able to purchase large quantities just in case you need to clean the skin off later, too. Just massage this into the skin on your elbows, and presto! You’ve got fresh skin, as fresh as a baby’s.

Keep in mind,  that if you have a lot of kitchen items, you probably already have the next two remedies. If you use baking soda, keep in mind that it is a natural exfoliant, and it can help remove those dark spots. Also, garlic and onion, blended together, will do just as fine a job, as will mint, which is also an exfoliant and should help you get rid of the elbow grub you’re worried about.

Finally, try gram flour and yogurt for a good blend that feels like granola. This will remove all the dark spots from your elbows, and, who knows, you may even want to use it on other parts of your body for good measure.

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