Is It Safe to Take Aspirin and Ibuprofen Together?

Is It Safe to Take Aspirin and Ibuprofen Together?

Both aspirin and ibuprofen are used to treat the body minor pains. Aspirin is also used to help in preventing strokes and heart attacks. Ibuprofen can be used to lower fever. It is possible to have conditions or symptoms that both drugs can prevent or treat. You may be wondering whether you can take the […]

What Happens When You Take Ibuprofen Daily

What Happens When You Take Ibuprofen Daily.

Sold under different brand names Motrin, Ibuprin, and Advil, Ibuprofen is a drug used to relieve inflammation, swelling, and pain. It belongs to a group of drugs known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). You can purchase Advil or Motrin over-the-counter in 200mg tablets although higher doses require a prescription.Most people tend to think that drugs […]

Paintball Bruises: Treatment And Recovery Duration

Paintball Bruises Treatment And Recovery Duration.

Paintball is one of the most intense sports in the world. It is also very tough. If you cannot take some bumps and bruises, you should not get involved. Along the way, it is almost certain that you’re going to experience some aches and pains. Nevertheless, the adrenaline of the game will give you the […]

Warning: Do Not Mix These Supplements

Nowadays, people are under prescription medications and mix supplements more than ever before. In addition, they are using more supplements—all from mineral and vitamin pills to flax seed oils and fish. Most of them are supplements and combining them with drugs can be riskier than many users know. You may also be risking serious internal […]

Drugs That Can Harm Your Kidneys

Drugs That Can Harm Your Kidneys.

All the drugs that you ingest into your mouth go through your kidneys. If you don’t follow the instructions from your doctor, or if you use illegal drugs, you could be causing harm to your kidneys. Here are some drugs that can harm your kidneys: Pain Killers When taken in huge amounts, pain medications such […]

9 Alternative Ways To Relieve Your Pain Without Ibuprofen/NSAIDs

9 Alternative Ways To Relieve Your Pain Without Ibuprofen/NSAIDs Pain and inflammation are difficult to live with, which causes a lot of people to grab the nearest bottle of ibuprofen as an easy way to get some relief. This works in many cases, but it can also be dangerous. Ibuprofen can cause liver failure, kidney […]

6 Natural Alternatives To Ibuprofen

6 Natural Alternatives To Ibuprofen Pain is constantly looming presence in the modern, industrialized world. Even when it’s fairly mild, it can interfere with daily life. Unfortunately, responsibilities won’t wait just because you’re in pain. For this reason, many people resort to taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen. Unfortunately, like most man-made quick fixes, […]