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Drugs That Can Harm Your Kidneys

Drugs That Can Harm Your Kidneys.

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All the drugs that you ingest into your mouth go through your kidneys. If you don’t follow the instructions from your doctor, or if you use illegal drugs, you could be causing harm to your kidneys. Here are some drugs that can harm your kidneys:

Drugs That Can Harm Your Kidneys.

Pain Killers

When taken in huge amounts, pain medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen can cause damages to your kidneys. You are not supposed to use such drugs every day or regularly without contacting your healthcare provider. Regular use of pain medications is to blame for the thousands of Americans with damaged kidneys. Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) inhibit the proper functioning of the kidneys.

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Most people think that excessive consumption of alcohol cause liver damage. Nevertheless, heavy drinking can hurt your kidneys as well. The kidneys filter all the harmful substances in your blood. Alcohol is one of these substances. By changing the function of the kidneys, alcohol makes them less able to filter the blood.


When not taken as directed by your healthcare provider, antibiotics can be dangerous to your kidneys. Patients suffering from kidney disease should take a smaller amount of antibiotics than those with healthy kidneys. You should not take other medications apart from what has been prescribed by your doctor.

Prescribed Laxatives

Generally, over-the-counter laxatives are considered safe for most people. Nevertheless, there are some prescription laxatives which can damage your kidneys. These include medications used for cleaning the bowel. Recently, the FDA issued a warning to patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). They can trigger loss of kidney function or acute kidney injury. Phosphate crystal deposition in the kidneys can lead to kidney failure.

Contrast Dye

Contrast dye is commonly used in certain diagnostic tests like MRIS. Other tests known as “imaging tests” are performed with contrast dye. MRIs and CT-cans are good examples of imaging tests. However, not all imaging tests are performed with contrast dyes. Contrast induced nephropathy (CIN) and nephrogenic system fibrosis (NSF) are the two rare but serious disorders associated with the use of contrast dyes.

Illegal Drugs

Most illegal drugs in the street, such as cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy, can trigger an increase in blood pressure, heart failure. Death cases have also been reported from the use of illegal drugs. Shockingly, heroin, cocaine, and amphetamines can ruin your kidneys.

What are you supposed to do?

• Refrain from using any drug, medicine, or substance unless with the consent of your healthcare provider.
• Use all prescription medications as directed by your physician
• Avoid using pills or other substances offered by a stranger or even your friend.
• If you use a drug, medicine, or other substance and notice something unusual, contact your healthcare provider at once.
• Avoid alcohol or drink in moderation if you must.
• If you planning to take an imaging test or colonoscopy, inform your healthcare provider if you have kidney disease.

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