X Finds Y Funny. Why Doesn’t Y Find X Funny?

X Finds Y Funny. Why Doesn’t Y Find X Funny? By: Laurelyn Burton No, it’s not an algebra problem, although it already sounds more interesting than anything that was pushed on me in high school math class. This conundrum is about X chromosomes (female) and Y (male) chromosomes, and how they relate to each other […]

What Does The Coffee You Drink Say About Your Personality?

What Does The Coffee You Drink Say About Your Personality? This made me laugh a lot, although my own coffee choice is not listed. If yours is not listed make a guess, for myself I chose somewhere between Americano and Espresso, I drink coffee plain, strong, no frills. This can make for a good laugh […]

Fun With Food

As some of you know, I decided to kick processed sugar out of my life for a week, we have a stormy relationship at best, and I do blame many of my problems on that sweet addictiveness sugar has going on. I had a late night inspiration to see if anyone wanted to do it […]

Learn from Einstein!

Amazing life lessons we can learn from Mr. Albert Einstein, practical and fun life advice

Larry David’s Thanksgiving Story

Remember Larry David, the amazing comedian and producer of Seinfeld? Now he tells the story of his loud Thanksgivings with his family in Brooklyn. It turns out that his Thanksgivings are not much different than ours! So funny! Share your Thanksgiving stories with us on Facebook! Larry David’s Thanksgiving Special from Larry David

Autism Awareness

Before the month is over we were lucky enough to come across this heartwarming story. I am lucky enough to hear about Jonathon on a regular basis, I went to school with his mother, and some of his aunts and uncles. They are a truly inspiring family, I think you will love them as much […]

Craziest Halloween Trick Ever

Oh my goodness this is awesome!! I had to watch it a few times. Halloween pranks and magic tricks, they go together like … candy corn and kids… I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

Real Friends Don’t Count Chromosomes!

This is adorable poster of Josh and Grace, so many cute pictures of these siblings, united in love. I love seeing families pull together and hold each other up. Remember, October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Enjoy!  

Women’s Mental Health

We have a wonderful poster with facts and figures on women’s health issues for you.  All the facts and figures in an easy to read format, it’s astounding how many of us take care of our bodies and neglect our mental health.

Coffee, Tea, or ?

If you enjoy your morning coffee you should enjoy reading this. If you enjoy your afternoon tea you should enjoy this as well. Both beverages have much to offer, and some risks, be informed and choose accordingly. Whichever you drink, or a mix of both, enjoy it in good health!

Cartoons and Mental Health

This is a funny look at some common (and uncommon!) disorders as seen through the eyes of some favorite cartoon characters, so much more than a fun introduction to classical music… this made me laugh a lot, and laughter is good for the soul!

On Writing

  Lately I have been getting some emails from people wondering how I write my blog and if I am willing to be a guest blogger for them, which I would be happy to do, if anyone ever comes up with a concrete offer. I don’t know how one writes a blog. I am very […]

Journey of Coffee

As night goes to bed We consider blessed. For Coffee brings the zest And this is not any jest. As coffee hits the lips Mind makes happy flips. Coffee reaches the buds Nerves get energy floods. As coffee passes the throat Body starts to afloat. Coffee attains  the stomach Bad mood runs amok. For all […]

Scratch here for the answer!

If you don’t know the answers in an exam, just put lines likes this “|||||||||||||||||||” and write below “Scratch here for the answer!”  

Kitty with a Watermelon Addiction!

It looks like Cooper loves this fresh, juicy slice of watermelon; and the sound of his chewing is more adorable! He even doesn’t let it go when puppies are having their shares! Look how a slice of watermelon can make the world a happier place!!  

Oliver wakes up with every emotion!

This is one of the most amazing videos we’ve shared. Oliver has a very lovely smile, and he also shows all sorts of emotions in 60 seconds!   I love this comment shared on Youtube on this video: “All energy levels at maximum. Commencing start-up procedure. Contentedness: Check. Tiredness: Check. Frustration: Check. Confusion: Check. Happiness: […]

The Cutest Sour Face!

Lara is experiencing her first lemon taste and she expresses the cutest sour face! I also love the last part when she made the expression before eating the lemon: Even she knows it’s going to taste so sour, but she still wanted to eat and was like gaining her strength to eat it..Enjoy!  

Dear Heart!

Dear Heart! please stop getting involved in everything. Your job is to pump blood, that’s it!