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Fun With Food

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Fun With Food

As some of you know, I decided to kick processed sugar out of my life for a week, we have a stormy relationship at best, and I do blame many of my problems on that sweet addictiveness sugar has going on. I had a late night inspiration to see if anyone wanted to do it with me, which snowballed, and now I am having a ball figuring all of this out as a group project.

I have a grown daughter who lives with me, she lost most of her vision 3 years ago, and in Sept 2009 I had my first hip injury, so we take care of each other, we also do most of our food changes together, including giving up yeast or sugar together, we have eliminated corn syrup and increased fiber, we work as a team.

So, that being said, I have been talking about this sugar thing for several days, all set to start January 2. On the 1st I hear her messing about in the kitchen as I was here, typing away. I asked if she needed help, she said no, shortly I smell something heavenly coming from my kitchen, she baked a cake. Yes, a cake, the day before the sugar fast. I said “Why on earth would you make a cake today? We stop eating sugar tomorrow!”

She just gazed at me with those big green eyes and said “But I wanted cake, and I’ve been sick, and it’s the only thing that sounded good,” so, we have a cake, it’s killing me. I had some right away Monday night and have not touched it since, yesterday I made big salads and they tasted funny to her, she made herself toast and that tasted funny, so she ate cake. She is not doing the sugar challenge with me, obviously. Tonight is family night at my son and Dilly’s, they are making chili, and we are taking the rest of the cake with, I hope. even just smelling it as I wash dishes is tempting.

I hope you all are doing great on your challenge, and I hope no one in your house tempts you with cake. Love, peace & hugs…

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