The 30 Best Foods For Tackling Cellulite

The 30 Best Foods For Tackling Cellulite

Cellulite……ugh. It happens to the best of us, and it does not discriminate. We eat right, we exercise, we do whatever we can to prolong the unsightly appearance of dimpled skin, but we are all at risk for developing these fatty deposits under the skin that make us hesitant to wear what we dare. What […]

How to Get Rid of Cellulite in Thighs at Home

Chances are, you’re sitting at your computer reading this while there are dimples of fat on your thighs and hips. That’s perfectly fine. I have them, too. All we women have them eventually. If you’re tired of looking at them, here are some popular treatments you can do at home. 1. Eat Tomatoes or Tomato […]

Spot on! Best Butt Enhancement Creams, According to the Pros

Spot on! Best Butt Enhancement Creams, According to the Pros

Top 10 Butt Enhancement Creams Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj have proven beyond reasonable doubt that big butts and breast are the real definitions of being sexy. With this being the norm, there are butt enhancement creams that can enhance your boots with no side effects. These creams work by […]

8 Tips To Lose The Last 10 Pounds

Lose the last 10 pounds are usually the hardest. When people who have a lot of weight to shed start exercising and eating healthier, they drop the first few or dozens of pounds pretty easily and fast. However, it’s very common to hit a weight loss plateau, especially when you’re only five or ten pounds […]

7 Brilliant Uses for Cucumbers You’ve Never Considered!

7 Brilliant Uses for Cucumbers You’ve Never Considered! Everyone knows that fresh vegetables are a necessity for a healthy body on the inside. Not many people realize that these same vegetables can be used as an addition to a beauty routine. These seven uses of cucumbers in a beauty regime will amaze you. 1. Diminish […]

Coffee Grounds Scrub for Cellulite

Coffee Grounds Scrub for Cellulite We all enjoy our morning cup of coffee and throw away the coffee grounds well, what if you could use them in ways you couldn’t even imagine! Coffee grounds has many benefits: 1. It gets rid of puffy eyes Caffeine works as an anti-inflammatory, it’s commended to use eye creams […]

Curing Cellulite Naturally

Curing Cellulite Naturally By PositiveMed-Team Edited By Stephanie Dawson Cellulites is a aesthetic condition experienced mostly by women because of the estrogen hormone in the body. The subcutaneous tissue is affected by cellulite when the adipose cells increase in number and shape in a disproportionate way. This cell growth compresses capillary vessels and the lymphatic […]

Cellulite Eraser With Natural Remedies

Cellulite Eraser ( Natural Remedies )

What is Cellulite?A girl’s worst nightmare, cellulite is a skin condition caused by some factors listed below in which the skin appears to look like an orange peel. Cellulite occurs when lumpy fat deposits under your skin. Let’s find out how to use the natural ingredient as a cellulite eraser! Causes of cellulite:• Hormonal factors• […]

Cellulite Natural Treatments

Dimples on the face are usually considered attractive, dimples on your thighs and buttocks, not so much. Cellulite is common for women and some men, and has been for years, that’s why our grandmothers found ways to get rid of it. Cellulite shows up when a pocket of fat beneath the skin pushes on the […]

12 Amazing Natural Beauty Remedies

12 Amazing Natural Beauty Remedies Below are 12 “Do It Yourself” Natural Home Remedies, That will make you realize all you need for your beauty Regimens can be found and done at the comfort of your own home!!! Cellulite Be Gone Solution 1. Warm 1/2 cup caffeinated coffee grounds with 2 tablespoons olive oil in […]

Want smooth skin treatment? Coffee ground scrub can fight cellulite

This commentary is from NewJerseyNewsroom.comBY VICKY DeROSA As many of you are aware I am fascinated by anything having to do with health and wellness. I research absolutely everything having to do with the body inside and out. Many years ago I noticed that there were very expensive creams on the market to fight against […]