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The 30 Best Foods For Tackling Cellulite

The 30 Best Foods For Tackling Cellulite

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Cellulite……ugh. It happens to the best of us, and it does not discriminate. We eat right, we exercise, we do whatever we can to prolong the unsightly appearance of dimpled skin, but we are all at risk for developing these fatty deposits under the skin that make us hesitant to wear what we dare.

The 30 Best Foods For Tackling Cellulite

What causes it?
While the exact cause of this condition is unknown, there seems to be a problem with the interaction between the connective tissue just beneath the skin and the layer of fat beneath it. Fat cells and connective tissue arrange themselves vertically underneath the skin, forming that unsightly “cottage cheese” texture that we all dread seeing in the mirror.

How can I prevent it?
Diet and exercise seem to be the best preventative measures that can be taken to prevent the formulation of cellulite. Just what are the best foods to consume in order to ensure that your skin stays smooth, supple, and young looking well into your golden years? Read on for our recommendations on what to eat to keep looking sleek:

1. Green tea—green tea is known as a great detoxifier, helping to speed up the metabolism and promote weight loss. Its rich flavonoid content also helps to remove subcutaneous fat deposits that can lead to uneven skin appearance. 

2. Whole grains–foods such as brown rice, quinoa, and whole grain cereals are rich in fiber and protein, two essential elements for keeping the body running smoothly. The antioxidant content in these foods battles the “orange peel thighs” that no one wants as part of their legacy. Consume at least one serving a day for best results.

3. Saffron—some think it’s a superfluous seasoning, but its magical effects will have you clamoring for this little gem in the spice aisle. Saffron’s anti-inflammatory properties discourage fat cell expansion, encouraging the release of excess deposits under the skin. Add to chicken, rice, and cauliflower dishes for a wonderful flavor.

4. Blueberries—Blueberries are known to stimulate collagen growth, which aids in the growth and development of new skin cells. Eating a handful of berries has antioxidants that aid in combating signs of dryness and aging that can make fatty deposits more visible. 

5. Dark chocolate—do we really need an excuse to eat more chocolate? Magnesium and iron-rich dark chocolate have healthy heart benefits, which can promote healthy circulation throughout the body. Healthy circulation can help combat the development of fatty deposits under the skin, making your whole body appear more youthful.

6. Grapefruit–any food that fights inflammation and promotes healthy hydration will help to fight excess cellulite. Combining grapefruit with healthy proteins and fats will improve the overall tone and texture of skin all over your body; eat up!

7. Avocado–guac lovers, rejoice! Snacking on your favorite dip will help improve your skin’s appearance! Avocado contains plenty of good fat and fiber, two elements that encourage healthy detoxification which leads to healthy skin. Avocado’s neutral flavor makes it a perfect addition to desserts, smoothies, and dips; it’s versatile enough to incorporate into all meals.

8. Water–water is the universal cleansing agent. It helps to promote the body’s natural detoxification systems and encourages healthy circulation and proper regulation of all of the body’s systems. 8-10 glasses per day are recommended for optimal hydration.

9. Broccoli–broccoli can be termed “king of all vegetables” for its nutrient value and delicious flavor. Alpha lipoic acid, an element present in broccoli, is responsible for boosting collagen production and ensuring that it doesn’t harden beneath the skin. Add some to soups, salads, and stir fry for beautiful skin.

10. Oranges–nature’s sweet “candy” is not only delicious, but it’s also good for your body. Large doses of vitamin C improve blood circulation and correct skin cell irregularities that can lead to unsightly “cottage cheese thighs”.

11. Asparagus–this is the secret veggie to the stars, who swear that its anti-inflammatory properties get them ready for red carpet events. It reduces bloat, encourages circulation, and delivers nutrient-dense goodness while remaining low in calories.

12. Salmon–salmon has long been known for its reputation as a superfood, and now we can add it to the list of illustrious foods that keep subcutaneous fat deposits at bay. Fatty acids present in this beautiful fish help to smooth things out underneath the skin, giving you a vibrant glow from the inside out.

13. Cayenne pepper–Beyonce made it popular to drink her cayenne pepper when she did the Master Cleanse; you don’t necessarily have to go that extreme to see benefits from this spicy ingredient. Cayenne warms the body internally, improving blood flow and circulation that can keep fat deposits at bay.

14. Turmeric–Turmeric is another superfood spice that can be used in various ways to improve your health. Throw some in your favorite curry for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits that will improve your health.

15. Garlic–who doesn’t love a bit of garlic in everything? Not only does it lower cholesterol, but it is also a great immunity booster and a natural antibiotic. Being heart healthy, it can improve circulation that leads to healthy looking skin.

16. Watermelon–ruby red lycopene improves circulation and keeps your heart healthy. It also smooths out skin and improves texture. A few slices on a hot day are good for the body and the summer soul.

17. Tomatoes–tomatoes are also rich in lycopene and have many similar benefits to watermelon. Include them in salads, soups, and sauces, and watch your skin take on a beautiful and youthful glow.

18. Apricots–nature’s sweet bounty is rich in fiber, vitamins A and C; consider switching out your afternoon snack for a few slices with almonds, and watch unsightly fat deposits shrink with every snack.

19. Bananas–bananas are a great source of energy, and they are rich in potassium. Zinc present in these golden beauties will also improve the look and feel of skin. Tuck one in your bag for the middle of the day pick me up.

20. Lemon–despite their acidic nature, lemons have a wonderful alkalizing effect on the body, which aids in the elimination of toxins that can lead to excess fat buildup. Squeeze some in a refreshing iced tea or sprinkle over a salad for maximum benefits.

21. Beetroot–this purple vegetable might not be first in your mind when you think about blasting away body fat, but the powerful combination of lycopene, potassium, and vitamin A all work cohesively to promote a detoxifying effect throughout the body.

22. Cabbage—cabbage cleans the body brilliantly, and it is a natural antiseptic and diuretic, which allows the body to shed excess water that can lead to dimpling of the skin.

23. Eggs–in the past few years, egg yolks have gotten a bad rap. Despite the scare on high cholesterol content, these nutritionally-dense beauties are loaded with fatty acids and antioxidants that promote healthy skin. Scramble a few and start off your day the right way.

24. Dandelion tea–most teas have powerful antioxidant effects, but this one takes the cake. Known for its natural ability to pull toxins out of your system, it will scrub you clean from the inside out, leaving you feeling and looking your best.

25. Greek yogurt–the high protein content of this power snack will encourage the development of lean muscle mass, which is a very potent fat burner. Combine a daily serving with some fresh berries for an added antioxidant boost.

26. Coconut oil–you might be asking yourself, “How can fat help get rid of fat?” Medium chain fatty acids present in coconut oil encourage the metabolism of subcutaneous fat; drizzle some on salads or throw a teaspoon in your morning coffee to get your metabolism going. 

27. Cilantro–not only does it taste great, but it encourages the flushing of harmful toxins and heavy metals from your body that could irritate connective tissue beneath the skin. Use a spring here and there to give your meal some Southwest flare.

28. Almonds–one of nature’s true superfoods, almonds are good for just about anything that ails you. In this case, almonds reduce inflammation, hydrate the body, and are a source of healthy fat that can be used to stimulate the burning of stored fat in the body, thus reducing the possibility of unsightly lumps and bumps. Just a handful a day is enough to fuel your body with some much-needed energy as well.

29. Buckwheat–its popularity is beginning to take off in health food communities, and with any luck, it will reach the rest of us. Buckwheat gives other whole grains a run for their money; rich in lysine, it increases the absorption of oxygen in the body so that you become a fat burning monster.

30. Parsley—once thought of as only garnish-worthy, we are now finding that parsley has several other side hustles that make it not only appropriate but desirable, for consumption. Parsley is adept at flushing out the kidneys, purifying the blood through the release of toxins, and rebuilding skin tissue with vitamins A and E so that you look and feel vibrant and healthy.

There you have it, some of the best foods around for the elimination of cottage cheese thighs. When used in combination with a sensible meal plan and a little bit of exercise, you might even be able to ward off what once might have been thought genetically destined. Here’s to food that heals!

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