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8 Tips To Lose The Last 10 Pounds

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8 Tips To Lose The Last 10 Pounds

Lose the last 10 pounds are usually the hardest. When people who have a lot of weight to shed start exercising and eating healthier, they drop the first few or dozens of pounds pretty easily and fast. However, it’s very common to hit a weight loss plateau, especially when you’re only five or ten pounds away from your ideal body.

8 Tips To Lose The Last 10 Pounds

I lost over 40 pounds of fat and dropping the last ten was probably the most challenging part of my weight loss journey. But that was a huge motivation to research, study and try many different things.

Therefore I learned many tricks, or hacks, to make a weight loss journey easier and achieve the results faster.

Here are some of the most effective ones you can try:

1. Detox your body on a cellular level

When I say detox, I don’t mean fasting, taking herbal pills or laxative teas. In my opinion, these methods are not only unsustainable and ineffective but may also cause health problems.

There is a better way to detox your body by eliminating all processed foods and toxic substances from your diet and replacing them with healthy whole foods like fruit, vegetables, legumes, and seeds. If you want to learn how to detox in a healthy and enjoyable way, I’ve created the free detox and weight loss video training series that you can watch at www.lovetariandetox.com Eliminating toxins from your body usually helps to finally lose those 10 pounds by getting rid of the stubborn body fat and reducing water weight.

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2. Include HIIT into your workout routine

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is one of the most effective yet time-saving types of exercise out there. It is a form of cardio training that involves cycles of high-intensity bursts and low to moderate intensity recovery. It not only burns a lot of calories while exercising, but the study shows that a 45-minute vigorous workout makes your body burn up to 190 calories in the next 14 hours after exercising. Even if you don’t have 45 minutes to exercise, you can follow the Tabata protocol which requires only 4 minutes to complete!

According to the study “the guardian”  the Tabata protocol burns an extra 150 calories in the 12 hours after exercise, even at rest, due to the effect of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.

This protocol involves 20 seconds of high-intensity interval followed by 10 seconds of recovery, and it is repeated 8 times. Therefore, it takes only 4 minutes in total. This is especially good for busy people who do not have a lot of time to exercise, yet still, want to get the benefits. However, if you have not exercised intensely for a long time, or suffer from any medical conditions, it is advisable to consult your doctor before starting a vigorous exercise program.

3. Reduce salt intake

Refined salt consumption makes your body retain water, so you look fatter than you actually are. By reducing salt intake in your diet, you can alleviate that extra liquid stored in your cells and thus look slimmer. On top of that, if you suffer from cellulite, it will become way less noticeable and your skin will look smoother. You can replace salt by adding sea vegetables and celery to your dishes.

The food might taste bland for the first few weeks but then your taste buds will adjust and you’ll be able to appreciate and enjoy the natural flavors.

4. Stop eating fried food and refined oils.

Dietary fat is essential for good health, but the quality of it is key! Eating bad quality fats (in the form of refined and heated oils) does not only fail to provide your body with the nutrients it needs but also does a lot of damage to your health.

Heated fats become carcinogenic and pollute your cells. Especially bad are fried foods that were cooked in low-quality oils. If you avoid fried food and refined oils altogether you will not only consume fewer calories but will also avoid many health pitfalls. To get dietary fat in your body, consume avocados, olives, raw unheated nuts and seeds. It’s best to consume fats in their whole state, as opposed to in refined oils.

5. Up your fiber intake

Fiber supports a healthy elimination function, balances blood sugar levels and makes you feel full without packing in lots of calories. All these things are extremely important when you’re trying to lose weight, especially those last ten pounds.

To increase your fiber intake, start your morning with a green smoothie filled with kale and/or spinach, fresh or frozen berries, bananas or other fruit. Have a hearty salad for lunch and add a side of greens to your dinner. Try to eat as many vegetables as you can! I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but it’s often repeated for a reason.

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6. Give up refined sugar and “healthy” sweeteners

Refined sugar and even “healthy” sweeteners like honey, agave or maple syrup make your blood sugar levels spike, which causes imbalances, fat gain, and potential health problems.

Giving up refined sugar does not mean that there’ll be no sweetness in your life! You can still eat dessert, just sweeten it with fruit like bananas or Medjool dates. Sugar in fruit is different from its refined version as fruit contains fiber that slows down sugar absorption into the bloodstream.

7. Meditate daily

Numerous studies have shown that meditation helps to relieve stress and helps you be mindful about your eating and your emotions. Since emotional eating and stress are some of the major reasons for excess weight, a simple meditation practice makes a huge difference.

Start your morning with a 10-20-minute meditation and you’ll be less stressed and will be more likely to make healthier decisions during the day.

8. Practice visualization

Your brain cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagined. When you visualize yourself at your ideal body weight, you train your brain to see this image, and it’s more likely to become true. Visualization is not a new practice. Many athletes have been using it to improve their performance and achieve new records.

Before you go to bed every night imagine how your ideal body would look and try to feel as if you already have it.

About the Author
OshaOsha Key is a life lover, certified nutritionist, weight loss expert, the creator of the Lovetarian Detox (at www.lovetariandetox.com) and Lovetarian Diet. After losing 40 pounds, Osha is now on a mission to help women do the same.
In her FREE Weight Loss Video Training series at www.lovetariandetox.com, Osha teaches everything that has helped her lose 40 pounds of fat and keep it off.

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