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What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Intimacy Life

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Intimacy Life

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Intimacy Life

Did you know that your zodiac sign can reveal a lot about you and your personal preferences? The planets, points, and your sun sign, when combined, show your personality in a relationship. Mars and Venus are considered the relationship and sex planets, so here is what your zodiac sign says about your sex life:

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Sex Life


It is a sign of infancy. People under this zodiac sign want to be first at everything and are easily hurt. They can’t stand rejection but make a quick come back. They are not much into romance and flowers. They love spice in their sex life and believe in actions. If they want something, they want it. And if you are the one what they want, you are going to enjoy being with them.


Taureans enjoy slow and steady seductive movements between the sheets. They are firm in their decisions and are reliable. They love having uncomplicated and undisturbed sex in pleasant surroundings. They can repeat the same things in bed without getting bored.


This category of people are stimulated mentally first then physically. Their moods swing and they are easily distracted, so you better catch the opportunity when they are in the mood. You are going to enjoy love-making with a Gemini, they like to talk about sex while having sex.


This is the most emotional sign, they crave love and this is what they want to get in the mood. If you want to enjoy your Cancer partner make him feel loved. Be romantic, touchy, and seductive with them to have them at their best. They are often possessive.


Leo is a good match for a Pisces. Leos are sexually confident and passionate. They are good at exploring different styles between the sheets. This is the best sexual sign, all they want is a little attention.


Virgos are sweet and romantic. They expect perfection and want their partner to be perfect in bed. A Virgo will always look for someone who is neat, clean, and well-groomed. They respond generously to kind and giving behavior.


A sophisticated and amazing bedmate, Libras struggle to make decisions. They love experimenting and pleasing. A Libra will go out of his comfort zone to keep things interesting for his/her partner. During love-making they prefer grace over vulgarity.

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Scorpios are passionate in bed and in everything they do. They are happiest when they’re in a healthy and happy sexual relationship. They are emotional and sensitive yet dominating at times. They are choosy when it comes to partners, they have high standards in every area.


People with this zodiac sign love their freedom and experiencing new and different things. They don’t have any limits in bed and can change their partners and experiences frequently. They tend to be bachelors longer.


Capricorns are usually goal-oriented but when they get into fire they perform well. They are shy, dependable, sensuous, and reserved lovers. They love going slow and enjoy foreplay more than other things. They are not adventurous and you will have to try harder to convince them to try new things.


They are intellectual and their libidos rise in relation to their mental stimulation. They try new things only if they sound interesting to them. They start slowly but can get really passionate during the process. Once they are totally in, they will spark the fire.


People under this zodiac are more emotional than intellectual. It’s a water sign and they possess a high level of maturity when it comes to relationships. They go with the flow and trust their intuitions about people. In bed they can easily sense what should be their next move.

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5 Things That Make Lady Part Sad

5 Things That Make Lady Part Sad

Your lady part is one of the toughest parts of your body, yet it’s also very delicate. Although it mostly takes care of itself, problems can sometimes arise that can be uncomfortable or painful. This is especially true in the case of certain activities.

Here are five things that make your lady part sad.

1- Bicycle Seats

You love feeling the wind through your hair, but your lady part is less than thrilled. Sitting on a bicycle seat that is too hard or narrow compresses nerves and pinches off blood circulation to the vag!nal area. This can result in numbness, tingling, and over time, a reduction in the sensation that could kill your romantic life. These effects are the worst for women who ride bikes with handlebars that sit lower than the seat.

2- Fruits and Veggies

Does walking through the store’s produce aisle give you ideas? While cucumbers and other suggestively-shaped fruits and veggies seem like a kinky addition to a fun night, it’s not recommended. These things harbor bacteria, even if they’re organic. When that bacteria is introduced into the delicate ecosystem of your honeypot, it could cause an infection called bacterial vaginosis.

3- Dirty Underwear

Dirty produce isn’t the only thing that can give you a nasty infection down below. So can wearing dirty underthings. Fabric traps sweat and honeypot discharge, which makes an ideal breeding ground for germs and fungi. If left in prolonged contact with your genital area, you could wind up with a yeast infection. After you work out, always shower and change right away to avoid this.

4- Piercings

honeypot piercings aren’t just painful. They’re also a health concern. This skin here is alive with bacteria that are normally harmless. However, once they enter a wound, like the one caused by a piercing, they can result a serious infection. What’s more, it’s very difficult to keep the honey pot area clean enough to prevent complications from the piercing.

5- Using Too Much Soap

Do you suffer from skin irritation in your honeypot region? Blame your soap. Even if a soap is gentle enough for the rest of your body, odds are that it’s too harsh for the delicate skin downstairs. It’s better to use a natural soap with no perfumes or dyes, and don’t over-lather the cloth. However, some experts recommend avoiding soap on your honeypot area entirely.

Your honeypot brings you so much pleasure, but some of the things you’re doing might not be returning the favor. If you struggle with infections, irritation or other issues, consider whether something you’re doing might be making your honeypot sad.

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8 Things Every Woman Should Know About IUDs
5 Foods That May Hurt Female Fertility
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7 Things Every Woman Should Know About Men

7 Things Every Woman Should Know About Men

7 Things Every Women Should Know About Men

Men and women are created differently by God. Things that matter a lot to women don’t matter as much to men and vice versa, for the most part. Theories about men’s behavior have evolved based on studies conducted on men aged 18 to 22. Older men are more refined,in general, but still think and act differently from women. Women often complain that men’s behavior seems odd to them. Here are a few things women should know about men:

Things Every Women Should Know About Men

Actions speak louder than words
Men cannot read minds and they are not as expressive as most women are. Tell your man what you want and he will try to give you that. Stop expecting him to understand and fulfill your expectations on his own. Tell him what you expect and want. For example if you want him to surprise you with a special date tell him you love it when he surprises you with a date. Men have a decreased ability to be intuitive about what a woman wants so you’ll have to make sure he really knows your likes and dislikes.

Men want to be respected
Men expect respect in public and in private. They excel when they know you trust and admire them. They want respect more than love. If you respect them, they will respect you, and will try to maintain that respect. After all, respect is something that can only be earned. Shaunti Feldhahn, nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, author, and speaker, showed in research that men would rather withstand loss of loving feelings from their partners than to lose their respect. Think about ways in which you can demonstrate your respect for your man.

They are insecure
Men are sensitive when it comes to their role in life, whether at work or at home as a father and husband. They are internally secretly vulnerable, which they will rarely admit. A woman should acknowledge her husband’s role as a part of the family, which makes him more confident and secure. If you stop giving him affirmation, he is likely to seek it somewhere else. Remember that a man cannot read your mind so that you’ll have to think of ways to demonstrate admiration for him out loud or through obvious actions on your part.

You don’t need to look perfect
It’s not necessary to always look like an actress or model, because many men like it simple and natural. If he loves you at all, he is going to love you at your worst. You don’t need to change your personality and looks to please him. Be yourself, and he will appreciate you and your inner beauty. It is flattering to take time to dress up a little for special dates, so keep doing that, but you don’t need to spend a lot of time to get ready to go to the store or be in bed with your man.

Men need space too
Sometimes women become overly solicitous and get too involved so that men feel suffocated. If your guy is asking for some space, don’t take it personally, he actually just needs space. It doesn’t have anything to do with you or your relationship. Taking time for yourself to do your own thing is healthy and you should enjoy some alone time too. Relationships that feel too suffocating for a man may make him run the other way.

Selective hearing
Studies show men and women usually have different interests when it comes to conversation topics. Women often talk about love, relationships, and other people, while men find these topics boring. Instead, they appreciate talking about ideas and productive topics. If you want a productive conversation with your man, discuss topics that interest both of you.

Love-making is more than physical contact
If you want more frequent love contact from your guy, it will boost his confidence and performance in all aspects of life. If you maintain physical and emotional distance, he is likely to feel rejected and insecure. Closeness is an important factor in a relationship. The most important thing about love-making is whether or not you are compatible in bed. If this is not the case, try seeing a therapist.

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10 Bad Habits That Drain Your Energy

10 Bad Habits That Drain Your Energy

10 Bad Habits That Drain Your Energy

Are you tired of being tired? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans report feeling tired during the day. In most cases, this issue can be attributed to lifestyle factors. Here are ten bad habits that drain your energy.

Bad Habits That Drain Your Energy

1. Dehydration

Without enough water, you blood becomes thicker and requires more effort from your heart to circulate. Blood is also less able to transport nutrients and oxygen, making you feel tired easily.

2. Going to Bed Too Late

Researchers have found that the most critical stages of sleep occur between 10pm and 1am. If you feel like hitting the snooze every morning, consider adjusting your bedtime.

3. Not Exercising

When you feel like skipping the gym because of low energy, you might want to try going anyway. Studies show that even light exercise had the unexpected effect of actually boosting energy levels.

4. Low Iron Levels

If you’re eschewing certain foods like eggs, liver and red meat, your low energy may be caused by low iron. Without adequate iron, you can’t produce enough blood cells to efficiently transport oxygen to the heart, lungs and brain.

5. High Standards

Having lofty expectations of yourself and others is tiring. It’s easy to overexert yourself in an effort to complete everything you think you should be doing. It’s important not to overburden yourself and to keep your goals reasonable.

6. Skipping Breakfast

Many people skip breakfast in an attempt to control their weight. However, doing so may undermine your entire day. After fasting all night, your body needs calories and nutrients to produce energy.

7. Standard American Diet

Processed foods are convenient if you live a busy life, but they’re actually working against you. Their highly refined and chemical-laden nature steals more nutrients from your body than it provides, which can make you feel sluggish.

8. Being a People-Pleaser

Wanting to make others happy is an admirable quality, but it can be taken too far. Trying to please everyone is mentally and physically exhausting, and meanwhile, you’re not taking any time to take care of you.

9. Clutter

As the saying goes, “A cluttered workspace makes a cluttered mind.” It takes more mental effort to find what you need amongst a sea of others, so you wear out faster.

10. Not Enough Downtime

Working hard without taking time to relax leads exhaustion and eventual burnout. Be sure to take time away from projects to focus on what you want to do.

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13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

who are mentally strong people and well adjusted are different in a number of ways. Very often, the best way to learn from such people is to observe what actions and behaviors they avoid. Here are the top 13 things not to do if you want to be mentally strong.

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do

1. Quit When Things Get Tough

One of the most important qualities of mentally strong people is resilience and the ability to keep going when they run into obstacles. This is a quality found in some of the toughest people in the world, such as Navy SEALs.

2. Envy Other People

It’s a waste of time to envy the success of other people. Everyone has his or her own unique talents and abilities. You should focus on your own goals and dreams and not try to succeed by other people’s standards.

3. Not Learn From Their Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. One thing that sets the mentally strong apart, though, is that they don’t keep repeating their mistakes. You should see mistakes as part of the learning process. This means, however, that you take the lessons from each mistake and move forward.

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4. Blame Others For Their Problems

Blaming other people, whether your family, your boss or the government for your problems is a nonproductive habit. Successful people take responsibility for their own success or failure and don’t shift the blame upon others.

5. Avoid Risk

If you want to succeed at anything, you must take certain calculated risks. If you stay in your comfort zone, it’s hard to make progress. That’s why the strongest people are willing to take risks in areas that are important to them.

6. Expect Instant Gratification

The ability to delay gratification is crucial to being mentally strong. Those who give up when they don’t instantly see results don’t get far in life.

7. Dwell in the Past

To be mentally strong, it’s essential to focus on the present and future. The past can help you learn but if you are always pining for the good old days, you will tend to get left behind.

8. Live to Please Others

If you are always trying to please your family, friends or co-workers, you will find it hard to fulfill your own destiny. That’s why the strongest and most successful people don’t make a habit out of trying to make everyone else happy.

9. Resist Chance

The world is changing fast and you need to be adaptable to keep up with it. This includes new ideas and attitudes as well as technological advances.

10. Stay Connected all the Time

While there is much to be learned from other people, the media and the internet, you also need down time to recharge. Evidence suggests that people who don’t fear being alone are more creative and independent.

11. Go Along With the Crowd

When it comes to actions as well as ideas, mentally strong people are independent minded. They don’t do things or think things simply because others do.

12. Catastrophize

Catastrophizing means expecting the worst to happen. While it’s sensible to prepare for potential problems, if you are actively expecting catastrophe to strike, you will tend to sabotage yourself and miss out on potential opportunities.

13. Procrastinate

Mentally strong people know that putting things off does not help them achieve their goals. If you have a tendency to procrastinate, you should admit this to yourself and resolve to tackle those tasks you’ve been postponing.

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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Butt

10 Facts You Didn't Know About Your Butt

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Butt

Whether you’re sporting a twerk-worthy budonkadonk or have a high-and-tight behind, your assets can certainly say something about you. Here are ten facts you likely never knew regarding your sit upon.

10 Facts You Didn't Know About Your Butt

10. Sir Mix-a-Lot’s 1992 anthem “Baby Got Back” won a Grammy and took MTV by storm. It’s also the reason why an entire generation knows what an anaconda is.

9. Your glutes, which are the huge muscles in your butt, are the biggest and strongest muscles in your entire body. The world record for a powerlifting squat is over 1200 pounds. That takes a lot of cheek!

8. Kim Kardashian, socialite and needlessly famous person, is known over the world for her massive derriere. Word has it that she has submitted to x-rays to prove there is no silicone junk in her trunk and that she’s all natural.

7. Some species of turtles have the ability to breathe through their butts. This is useful during hibernation, as it doesn’t require the muscle contractions normal breathing does.

6. Taking selfies of your face? That’s so 2013. In 2014, the ‘belfie,’ or butt selfie, has become all the rage, leading ladies to post pics of the wedgies on social media.

5. Latina songstress J. Lo reportedly has her buns insured for over $27 million! As catastrophic butt injuries are rare, her premiums are likely not the cause of any financial butthurt.

4. The size of your butt is determined by genetics, musculature and hormones. High estrogen may play a role in deciding where fat it stored on the body, meaning that a big butt is precisely the same thing as a big belly. Take that, ‘thick’ models!

3. Researchers have claimed that kids born to women with wider hips are intellectually superior to those born to slimmer, less curvaceous women. Einstein’s mom must have been epic!

2. According to a survey published by a major women’s magazine, ladies like to complimented on their butt more than any other body part. Oh my god, Becky, just look at her butt! It’s just so… big… and out there…

1. Not enough cushion to fill out your jeans? Over 700 women got butt implants in 2012, which actually less than in 2011. What will they do when the big-butt fad fades?

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5 Common Kissing Mistakes

5 Common Kissing Mistakes

5 Common Kissing Mistakes

Kissing someone is not rocket science, rather it’s the art of caressing someone you love. But while kissing we can often unknowingly make mistakes that can be a disaster. Stop wondering why he/she does not like it when you kiss, here is a list of 5 common kissing mistakes to help you out:


Bad Breath
This is a big turn-off for almost everyone and probably the most basic blunder. Chances are good you might never kiss the same person again! Do something to fix it! Drink plenty of water every day to keep you hydrated and rinse away food odors. The fastest remedies are mint mouthwash, gum, or breath fresheners. Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, or eating fish/onions before your date or when you plan to romance your partner. Hygiene is important and you should maintain it. If you have rotten teeth fix them by seeing your dentist. Brushing your teeth is not enough, floss also, and don’t forget to brush your tongue. Make sure your mouth is clean before you kiss.

5 Common Kissing Mistakes

Fast and Furious
Usually women like to kiss slowly with seductive movements. Don’t go too fast or push your partner so hard that it hurts. Being too aggressive will spoil the moment. Pay attention to the response from your partner when you kiss them and proceed accordingly. If your girl/guy is consistently resistive, slow down and back off a little. Each seduction has its own pace and you should act accordingly.

Involving tongue
This is something which requires your own judgment. At first you should kiss just using your lips without tongue. Tongue should enter the picture naturally, don’t force it. Don’t put your tongue into their mouth all at once, let it go slowly. See the reaction first then proceed. If you are going to French kiss take your tongue back every once in a while and let your partner crave and chase it.

All wet
This can be a little creepy. Don’t get carried away and put your saliva on your partner’s face, nobody likes it, it can ruin the experience and embarrass you later. Control your tongue and saliva, the trick is to swallow it.

Hands involvement
The movement of your hands matters. Not using hands while kissing is missing out on half the pleasure. Use your hands in the right place, don’t get too pushy, but caress the face and head, the neck a little, then move on to other pleasure zones. Seduce your partner gradually. Sometimes let your partner lead and you just enjoy. One more thing, don’t keep your eyes open while you kiss. Tilt your head to the right and kiss naturally. Don’t get nervous or stop breathing. This will make you look odd.

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7 Signs Your Hormones Are Out Of Whack

The proper hormonal balance is one of the most important factors in good health. People who are suffering from hormonal imbalances can suffer from a wide range of medical conditions that will make life miserable. If you are suffering from something that you just can’t seem to shake off, you may need to get your hormone levels checked. Here is a look at seven signs that your hormones are out of whack.

7 Signs Your Hormones Are Out Of Whack.

1. Constant Fatigue

When your hormone levels are off, one of the most prominent symptoms is a constant state of fatigue. This fatigue can stay with you no matter how much sleep you get. If you are always yawning and never seem to have enough energy, then you should get your hormone levels checked to see if they are okay.

2. Night Sweats

This is one of the most troubling symptoms of hormonal imbalances. When you wake up in the middle of the night in a puddle of sweat, it is a very disconcerting sensation. Getting your hormone levels balanced will quickly eliminate night sweats.

3. Skin Changes

If you are suddenly experiencing acne again for the first time since you were a teenager, then you are likely suffering from a hormonal imbalance. The skin can easily be affected by hormone changes. Seeing acne when you are getting on in years is one of the easiest ways to tell that you are having trouble with your hormones.

4. Hair Changes

One of the parts of your body that is most affected by your hormones is your hair. This includes both your body hair as well as the hair on your head. When you are suffering from a hormonal imbalance, you will often start to get hair growing in places where you don’t want it. If you are suddenly developing a moustache or other unwanted body hair, you need to get your hormone levels checked.

On the other hand, a hormonal imbalance can also cause the hair on the top of your head to start thinning. This thinning hair is another good sign that your hormones are out of whack.

5. Weird Periods

Your period will be stable and predictable when your hormones are in balance. When you start to miss periods or have them arrive at unpredictable times, then you are most likely suffering from a hormonal imbalance.

6. Emotional Problems

Every woman knows that hormone levels have a direct link to emotions. A look at the mood swings that come along with things like pregnancy and menstruation are proof of this. Likewise, a hormonal imbalance can throw your emotions out of whack. Unexplained emotional turmoil is a good sign that your hormones need some balancing.

7. Metabolism Problems

If you cannot seem to lose weight no matter how much you diet or exercise, it could be due to a hormonal imbalance. Likewise, if you have sudden weight gains or losses that are inexplicable, you should get your hormone levels checked to make sure they are not the cause.

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Friendly Relation On The First Date! Should Women Care What Men Think?

According to Chicago Sun-Times’ annual Singles Survey, a whopping 55% of couples have Friendly Relation on the first date! We’re told over and over again that we need to make the guys wait, but is that really true, especially when there’s a spark and we want some fun too? What it turns out is that what a guy thinks about you after a first date says a lot more about him than it does about you. There are a lot of ways for men to think about first date fun, just like there are a lot of men out there. Here are some common views.

Friendly Relation On The First Date! Should Women Care What Men Think

“Wow, That Was Fun!”

When a person has Friendly Relation, especially with someone that they don’t know all that well, all they are going to have to think about is their experience. Men and women both are capable of having one night stands and Friendly Relation with people they don’t know well, and when you don’t have a personal connection yet, mostly you focus on how good the Friendly Relation was in terms of mechanics. Sometimes, he’s lying there thinking about how you rocked his world!

“Wow, Does She Think Less of Me?”

Guys get insecure too, and if you have Friendly Relation on the first date, he might get the idea that he’s not that important to you. Some guys think that they’re the second coming (get it?) if you sleep with them on the first date, but there are plenty of guys who wonder if they are your disposable bit of fun. Some of them are okay with it, some of them aren’t, so make sure you know which is which before you engage your warp drive.

“Is She the One?”

There are some guys that think that Friendly Relation means something more, and then there are the guys who think that Friendly Relation is the be all, end all of the relationships. Watch out for these guys because they will cling tighter than a pair of leggings if you let them. If you want more, say so, but reinforce your boundaries and be willing to figure out what kind you really want.

“Will She Have Breakfast With Me?”

The morning after a great night before, most of us get pretty hungry! It’s always a good sign when you want to get food together as well as spend the night, so think about how much you like this guy, and consider having an English muffin with him.

“Never Gonna See Her Again”

According to a Cosmopolitan survey, only about 33% of men think less of a woman who has Friendly Relation on the first date. Cosmo has nothing good to say about these guys, and neither do we. If just three in ten guys have issues with a woman who wants to have fun on her terms, we’ll pass, thanks.

The question of whether you should have Friendly Relation on a first date is always up to you. As long as you know what you want to get out of it, you’ll be fine!

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The 7 Things He Did to Lose 220 Pounds without Dieting

Dieting…just the word can conjure horror among those of us who have been through the typical rigmarole of trying to lose weight. There are weight loss centers, diet pills, prepackaged food programs, and gyms…yet most of America is still overweight or obese. Clearly, there’s something wrong here!

The 7 Things He Did to Lose 220 Pounds without Dieting.

For Jon Gabriel, his weight became a life-or-death situation in 2001. He tried everything. Because he was a man of means, he was even able to afford sessions with Dr. Atkins, famed for being the father of the “no carb” movement. Gabriel still could not lose weight. In fact, he continued to lose the battle, eventually ballooning up to 409 pounds in September of 2001. It was this month that would change his life. After narrowly missing the ill-fated United Airlines flight 93, Gabriel decided that his life needed more of a purpose. Devoting himself to learning more about what caused people to become fat, he used his scientific background to begin his weight loss journey. Two years later, he was 220 pounds lighter, without even dieting. This is how he did it.

Stop Starving, Start Nourishing

Gabriel discovered that his yo-yo dieting had left his body starved of critical building blocks like omega-3 acids and high-quality proteins. By eating foods that were rich in these ingredients, he found himself craving junk food less and less. However, if he had a craving for junk food, he allowed himself to eat it.

Heal Your Digestive System

Gabriel’s research indicated something that scientists have just recently started publicizing; our digestive systems are so much more integral than we ever thought, even affecting things like mood. By eating more probiotics and cultured foods, Gabriel was able to get his guts on the right track again.

If You Have Sleep Apnea, Get a CPAP Machine

Sleep apnea can be a terrible condition, interrupting sleep, causing loud snoring, and causing stress hormones to rise. Once Gabriel started using a CPAP machine, he found that he was much healthier and less inclined to go for junk food.

Lower Your Expenses If You Need to, and Grow Some Plants

Gabriel knew that his high-stress job was not doing his body any favors, so he quit and downsized to a smaller home. In this home, he even started growing some vegetables.

Work Through Emotional Traumas

Like so many other people, Gabriel discovered that he was using his weight as a shield. By being overweight, he was guarding himself from pain and trauma from past events. He even came up with a name for this phenomenon, coining it “emotional obesity.” After digging deep and doing some creative visualization, Gabriel trained himself to let go of the need for armor.

Stop Storing Toxins

As Gabriel found out, the body likes to store toxins in fat deposits. By cleansing himself with alkaline foods and drinking green juices, apple cider vinegar, and water with lemon, he was able to drop the last forty pounds very quickly.

Gabriel’s approach to weight loss obviously had a tremendous impact upon his life, and now he’s able to help other people with their own weight loss goals. By taking a holistic approach, he beat the odds that so many obese Americans cannot surmount.

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What’s the Big Deal about Birth Numbers?

By using simple mathematics you can figure out one of the most influential numbers in your life. Your birth date is more than just a number. It defines who you are and the path down which life may take you. So how do you figure it out? Just follow the simple directions below to find your number. Descriptions will follow. Have fun!

What’s the Big Deal about Birth Numbers.

We’ll use the birth date of September 17, 1938 as an example. First convert it all to numbers. Then we add those numbers individually to come up with the next number. Keep doing this until you are down to one digit like this.

• 9 + 17 + 1938 = 1964
• 1 + 9 + 6 + 4 = 20
• 2 + 0 = 2

Here’s another one. June 23, 1970.

• 6 + 23 + 1970 = 1999
• 1 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 28
• 2 + 8 = 10
• 1 + 0 = 1

Okay, so now that you have the number what does it mean? Read below for a description of each number.

• 1 = The Original

1 is a great initiator for whom coming up with and implementing new ideas happens naturally. They are natural leaders and you will often find 1’s in management roles or self-employed. 1’s like things to go their way which makes them obstinate or egotistical if not curbed.

• 2 = The Diplomatic

2’s are born peacemakers and always consider the needs of others before themselves. They don’t like being alone and will seek company. However, as a naturally shy number, they need to work on their self-esteem and learn to express themselves effectively.

• 3 = The Social Animal

Creative, charming and easygoing describes the number 3. 3 is popular and a born romantic who will go to great lengths to make others happy. They are somewhat impractical and need to make sure to stay grounded.

• 4 = The Traditionalist

This number leans toward sensibility and orderliness. They do not like to act without understanding exactly what they need to do. 4’s enjoy nature and don’t mind working outdoors. They are quite rigid and should learn more adaptability.

• 5 = The Free Spirit

5’s are enthusiastic and not afraid to take risks. They are natural students and see the world as one big learning experience. This number gets easily bored and needs diversity. However, their zest for life can sometimes backfire on them so they need to learn to look before they leap.

• 6 = The Idealistic.

6’s are nurturing and are not complete unless they are feeling useful. Family is important to them. They are also very loyal and take their friendships seriously. However, they need to realize they cannot change the world and just be happy with what they can do.

• 7 = The Thinker

Ever querying, the number 7 does not easily take things at face value. While they tend to question most things, they do not like questions asked of them. 7’s can be perceived as intellectuals and are often loners. If they are not careful their inquiries can lean toward inappropriateness.

• 8 = The Boss

8’s like to take charge of people and things. They typically have good judgment and are decisive. However, they can become overbearing and steamroll over other ideas.

• 9 = The Entertainer

A very charismatic and charming number which makes 9’s natural performers. They easily make friends and can mesh well in any situation. However, their ever-changing personality can lead to mood swings.

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20 Unusual Uses For Eggs, Egg Shells, and Egg Cartons

20 Unusual Uses For Eggs, Egg Shells, and Egg Cartons

20 Unusual Uses For Eggs, Egg Shells, and Egg Cartons

Do you have extra eggs, eggshells or egg cartons lying around? Don’t toss them out! Here’s 20 unusual ways to put them to good use.

20 Unusual Uses For Eggs, Egg Shells, and Egg Cartons

1. Attack Stubborn Messes

Have stubborn messes that soap and water alone won’t take care of? Crushed eggshells provide gentle but effective scrubbing power.

2. Start Seedlings

An empty egg carton is the perfect place to start seedlings where they won’t be eaten by wild animals or overgrown by weeds.

3. Organize Your Scrapbooking Supplies

Keep small buttons, grommets and paper scraps organized while you are working by placing them in an empty egg carton near your work surface.

4. Make Your Own Christmas Ornaments

For a truly unique decoration, empty and decorate eggs. They can be made into any color and design you like.

5. Fertilize Your Garden

Replace your soil’s lost nutrients by adding crushed eggshells. Eggshells contain lots of calcium, a mineral your plants need to grow.

6. Condition Your Hair

Get shiny, lustrous hair by conditioning your hair with a mix of eggs and olive oil. Recipe

7. Add Some Vitamins to Your Pet’s Diet

Keep your pet healthy in a natural way by crushing eggshells and adding them to his food.

8. Make a Paint Cup

The next time your children want to play with paints, squeeze the paints into an empty egg carton so the mess is contained.

9. Store Small Ornaments

Use old egg cartons to store small ornaments. The cartons will keep the ornaments separated, unscratched and unbroken.

10. Deter Slugs and Snails

Crushed eggshells sprinkled in your garden is a great way to deter pests such as slugs and snails.

11. Make a Better Cup of Coffee

If your coffee is too bitter, try adding a little crushed egg shell to your coffee grounds before brewing for a smoother, more enjoyable flavor.

12. Make Your Own Compost

Why spend the money on fertilizer when you can make your own? Eggshells are a great addition.

13. Moisturize Your Skin

Is your skin dry and cracking? Wash your face and body with an egg yolk wash for skin that is soft and smooth.

14. Clean Your Leather

Keep your leather furniture looking clean and shiny by wiping it with egg white. Egg whites are a safe and natural way to strip the dirt and oils that have built up.

15. Make a Shaker

Fill an empty egg with small pieces of rice for a shaker your little ones will love.

16. Make Your Own Candles

Alternately, fill your empty eggshells with wax and a wick instead, for a beautiful, homemade candle.

17. Pack Your Fragile Items

Don’t waste money on packing peanuts. Tear up old egg cartons for cheap and effective packing material.

18. Whiten Your Laundry

Keep your laundry looking fresh and new by adding crushed eggshells in a closed cotton sack. The shells will whiten while your machine cleans.

19. Freeze Ice for a Party

Do you need more ice for a party than you have ice cube trays? Use plastic egg cartons in a pinch.

20. Treat Acne

Mix eggshells and apple cider vinegar together for a safe and natural acne treatment.

Facts men's health Most Popular

How Your Fingers Can Predict Everything

Big hands, Big You-Know-What

Alright, so we’ve all heard the rumor that long fingers are an indication of a long..ahem…package. But is it an old wives’ tale or what? What exactly can we find out by glancing at a man’s hand?

After learning about finger size correlations, women may find themselves looking at a man’s ring finger long after they’ve ascertained that he’s not married. According to a recent university study in South Korea, men with longer ring fingers had larger testes as well. Since larger testes can indicate a higher sperm count, this means that men with longer ring fingers are more likely to enjoy higher fertility. With male fertility becoming more of a hot topic in recent years, one has to wonder when men with long ring fingers will start advertising their “gift” on dating websites!

How Your Fingers Can Predict Everything.

Testosterone Exposure

The key to much of this is testosterone exposure in the womb. It happens during the second trimester, and a ring finger that is significantly longer than an index finger is an indication that someone was exposed to a high amount of testosterone while in utero. But how does this affect people? It isn’t just linked to a larger penis in men.

For both genders, testosterone levels can even affect personality traits. Do you lose your temper a lot? Blame it on that pesky ring finger! Are you a super handsome man? Give credit where credit is due. Your Zoolanderesque looks may be caused, in part, by a generous dose of testosterone while your features were still arranging themselves.

High income? There’s no coincidence that many successful stockbrokers also are powered by higher testosterone levels than most people. Are you athletic? This could also be caused in part by high testosterone levels. Incredibly, even an excellent sense of direction can manifest itself with the help of this wonder hormone.

Risk Factors

Unfortunately, being a man (or woman) with high testosterone isn’t always a walk in the park. It can lead to a tendency towards verbal aggression, which may invite a host of unwanted situations throughout one’s lifetime. Men who brawl in barrooms and women who bicker in boardrooms are both more likely to have a longer fourth finger. In addition, men with higher testosterone are more likely to engage in risky behavior. Even osteoarthritis of the knees seems to manifest more in those who have higher testosterone levels.

Sexual Orientation

Some studies have indicated that ring finger length may also be an indicator of Sexual orientation. Women who identified as lesbians were more likely to have a longer ring finger. More research is being done on this.

Shake Hands or Look at Them?

With all of the information that can be gleaned from fingers, one has to wonder if employers will start to forego written personality tests and just look at prospective employees’ fingers! It is incredible to think that someone can look at your fingers and figure out what was going on in your mom’s body while you were a fetus, but it appears that they can. Ah, science…what will they think of next?

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7 Things Men Really Want In A Relationship

We have often written about how to impress women and what they, now its time we talk about what men like and need in their relationships. Men are often reluctant to discuss things they need emotionally and prefer to be quiet and suffer inside, but as a wonderful partner, you probably want to know what your man really needs from your relationship. Here are some obvious needs for men:

7 Things Men Really Want In A Relationship.

• Appreciation

Men often complain that their partners don’t appreciate them or say what they like about them. The term ‘male ego’ is famous, and as a partner you must take care of your man’s ego. Praise him and appreciate his effort, efficiency, love, and love-making prowess. They really love to hear how good they are in bed. Most men don’t require constant appreciation but when something is good why not just say it and improve his day? Keep telling your man about his good looks, gestures, and whatever you like about him.

• Communication

Often women feel their men should get their clues or hints to find out what’s missing or bothering them, but men actually need good communication to know these things, and will rarely get your clues. Lack of communication leads to disappointment in women (as to why he is not getting any clue) and irritation in men.

• Live your own life

Men want their partners to have their own life and keep their own identity. This does not mean they don’t love you or are not interested in you, they will support you in your activities and plans. Have your own set of friends, goals, activities, and passion. You must have a life which is going to surprise your partner every day in a happy manner.

• Good love Life

This is one of the most important things a man desires in a relationship. If you are a woman who satisfies your man’s desires he will remember it always. Keep your man happy and he’ll keep you happy in return.

• Respect

Mostly men command, not demand, respect. This is a basic factor in a healthy relationship, you should respect your partner for what he has been doing for you, your relationship, and your family. He should feel his efforts are being acknowledged by you. Hardships will always be there but you should learn to conquer them together.

• Games Free Relationship

Most men don’t like being manipulated. They expect their partners to know how to treat someone with respect. A relationship is free of mind games or blaming games last longer. Take care of the fragility of your relationship and trust the man you chose. This will help them trust you, love you, and respect you as well.

• Comfort

Last but not least – comfort. In their busy stressful life, men want some peace, which they expect from their partner. They want to feel comfortable and relaxed when they are with you, which will help relieve their stress. This is about being in touch with them emotionally, men do have emotions although they may not show it. They get strength from you, so you should be supportive.

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How to Reverse Cavities Naturally

Reverse Cavities & Heal Tooth Decay With THESE 5 Steps!

There’s a common belief that once a person attains a cavity the only way to fix it or reduce the damage is by filling it with a synthetic material. However, according to researches, cavities may be prevented and even healed with proper nutrition. For example, according to a new study published in the British Medical Journal, nearly all cavities in the children who had a grain-free diet and consumed vitamin D healed within several weeks.

How to Reverse Cavities Naturally

According to the American Association, tooth decay occurs when foods containing carbohydrates are constantly left on the teeth. The bacteria that live in the mouth then use these carbohydrates to produce an acid that over time destroy tooth enamel. The American Association is right, but they are only informing people 1 of 4 things that can contribute to cavities. The other three are also major factors in contributing to tooth decay and they are lack of fat-soluble, high consumption of phytic acid foods, and lack of mineral intake.

In addition to daily oral hygiene, there are several natural ways to help reduce and heal cavities without having to get them filled. Keep in mind that if a tooth continues to trouble you, you really should see a dentist, natural remedies can definitely help, but if it’s too far gone you may need a professional. Here are some of the best ones to try out:

5. Oil Pulling

Teeth are known to be porous and like a sponge, contain passages that push nutrients to the surface of the enamel. Note that this only occurs if good nutrition is present in the body if not, it can provide the opposite effect and pull in toxins into the teeth. Coconut oil has the ability to cut right through the plaque and provide teeth anti-bacterial properties. By “oil pulling” – swishing the coconut oil in the mouth – it can help reverse the flow of toxins and pull bacteria out of the teeth. This will lead to strengthening the teeth and healing cavities over time.

oil pulling

4. Eat Nutrient Rich Foods and Drink Raw Dairy

Having a healthy diet contributes to help reduce cavities and aid in healing them. Eating food that contains vitamin K2, vitamin D3, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and fat-soluble vitamins are a good way to keep teeth strong and healthy.

It is also recommended that consuming raw dairy products can aid in healing cavities overtime. Various studies show processed dairy has NO or very little benefits. I personally believe milk is for calf and not for human consumption.

3. Avoid Food with Phytic Acid

Found in grains, seeds, beans, and nuts, phytic acid when can consumed can damage oral health over time. It blocks minerals necessary to maintain healthy teeth. The acid itself creates an opposite effect by leaching minerals out of your bones and teeth. By avoiding high consumptions of any food containing phytic acid, can lead to cavities healing and keep teeth strong overtime.
Note; Keep in mind that seeds and nuts are an important part of any healthy diet and phytic acid content varies greatly among plants depending on the type of seed, environmental condition, climate, and soil quality.

2. Use Mineralized Toothpaste

One of the more expensive ways to curing cavities, switching out any current toothpaste for a mineralized one. Brushing teeth with mineralized toothpaste will help to fill protect cavities as it heals itself over the course of time. There are also simple recipes that can be found online on making homemade mineralized toothpaste for people that would like to save money. A regular oral hygiene routine with mineralized toothpaste will whiten teeth, keep bacteria away, and cure cavities.

Note; Fluoridated toothpaste is also very important to avoid for healthy teeth. Combined fluoride exposure from all sources-water, food, toothpaste, mouth rinse, or other products, such as TEA -contributes to enamel fluorosis.

1. Reducing Sugar Intake

Sugar can become deadly if consumed in high amounts along with a poor oral hygiene routine. It can lead to tooth decay and other oral health problems. Switch out sugar for raw honey and maple syrup and drink juices cautiously to avoid future cavity formation.

Marriage Most Popular Relationship

5 Signs You Are With The Wrong Person

I effed up my first marriage, I’ll admit it. I’ve been married twice. When my first husband and I were first married, I thought he was the perfect man for me. We were SO in love, SO passionate. I was so caught up in how good it all felt that I didn’t realize until the marriage was over that I had never really been committed to the relationship, I had never thought about it as a long-term thing. I look back on how self-absorbed I got, how obsessed I was with competing in triathlons and realize that we had drifted apart way before our relationship ended. The truth is, once the novelty of how amazing we were together wore off, there really wasn’t anything left. We were just too different. There were dead giveaways early on that, had I been paying closer attention, I would have known that we never should have gotten married, to begin with.

5 Signs You Are With The Wrong Person.

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE my husband and family now. I really do. And I’ve noticed a sharp difference in this marriage. We are both working towards a shared future. There’s a WE and US that we’re building. It’s not just about the toe-curling passion or late nights lost in each other. It’s about what we’re building for tomorrow, and years to come.

When my first marriage dissolved into nothingness, I had to ask myself some really hard questions about what my role in that relationship was all about. I realized I was the one who messed it up. That’s a hard pill to swallow, but I did. Looking back, there were signs all along the way that we shouldn’t be together, but the depth of the emotion we shared blinded me to all that

So, how do you know that the person you’re with is probably not the right one for you? Here are 5 things I should have paid closer attention to.

1. You can imagine your life without them

I was in the process of building my business when I was married the first time. I was totally focused on creating a career for myself that would give me the life I wanted and deserved. And he didn’t fit anywhere into that. He was never even a consideration when I was doing all my planning. I actually forgot about him! If you’re not factoring that person into your long term goals, that is not a good sign.

2. You’re not emotionally invested in your partner

We were SOOO into each other in the beginning. We just could not get enough of each other. But honestly, that’s not really an emotional investment. An emotional investment is long term. It’s a commitment. It’s knowing that sometimes you’re going to get so pissed off at each other, you’re going to hate each other. Commitment and emotional investment is when you look at that person, think ‘I’m going to hate you sometimes, but I love you and I am going to wait out those times when I hate you.’ If you can’t make that kind of commitment to your partner, it’s probably not going to work long term.

3. More and more of your activities don’t include them

I became totally obsessed with competing in triathlons. I was training pretty much all the time. He wasn’t a part of the team, so he was left out and he missed me. I was selfish about competing and didn’t make time for him. When the fun activities you choose to do include your spouse less and less, and you’re opting to spend time alone or with other people, it’s a sign that you are pulling away.

4. Your values do not align

When the passion of our marriage started to fizzle, I began to realize that we weren’t really friends. We didn’t have a whole lot in common. You can be really attracted to someone and even be madly in love with them, but if your values do not align, you’re not going to have much to talk about. In my marriage now, there are things that we don’t see eye to eye on, like eating Vegan or using eco-friendly cleaning products in the house, but we share enough of the same values to respect each other’s choices when it comes to stuff like that.

5. You stop having sex

Sex isn’t the be all end all of a relationship but it is the most intimate form of the communication of love we humans have. It IS important. Every relationship hits a dry spell for sex every now and then. Someone is sick or working really hard, someone’s under a lot of stress. It happens. But when it stops being a spell, when it becomes the norm, and when you don’t talk about it, it becomes a problem. If you or your partner just aren’t interested in each other sexually, and can’t seem to get the spark back, this is really something that needs to be looked at and talked about before bad decisions are made.

I learned a lot of really important lessons from my first marriage. I regret a lot of actions I took and didn’t take. I didn’t focus enough on my first husband and we drifted apart.

I have just given you 5 signs you are with the wrong person. Do you think you might be with the wrong person? I would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments in the box below.

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XO, Hayley

Hayley Hobson

Hayley Hobson is an author, speaker, business coach, yogi, Pilates and holistic nutritional expert based in Boulder, CO. Hayley creates lifestyle transformations by coaching her clients to strengthen, nourish and evolve through the cycles and shifts in life. Combining cutting edge understanding in all three disciplines due to years of anatomical study and dietary theory, Hayley’s approach leverages their blended benefits and results. Her unique and intelligent style promotes strengthening while softening–empowering her client’s to heal not only their physical bodies, but their hearts and minds as well. Hayley studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, with David Wolfe, raw food expert and is an essential oil expert in her own right. She is a doTERRA Presidential Diamond and a Pangea Beauty Ecologist. Her insights and articles can also be found on her blog,Positively Positive, Natural Cures, Yoganonomous and Elephant Journal . She has also been featured in Pilates Style magazine, Natural Health magazine and TriathleteMagazine. She has fun running and playing in the mountains with her husband, former world-ranked triathlete, Wes Hobson and their two beautiful daughters, Makenna and Madeline. To learn more about her nutritional courses, events she’s hosting and custom programs go to or follow her on Facebookor Twitter or Pinterest.

Fitness Most Popular weight loss

The Best Workout for Your Body Type

If you want to get in shape by starting a new exercise program, then congratulations on making the commitment to improve your health inside and out. When beginning a new exercise program, you may become overwhelmed at all of the exercises that exist that you can include in your new routine. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be confused and overwhelmed when you choose the right exercises for your body type.

The Best Workout for Your Body Type.


A person with an apple body type carries much of their weight in their mid-sections and upper bodies. If you are an apple, then you may struggle with a larger belly than you would like. You may also feel that your legs look thin in proportion with your upper body.

Apples benefit from the following exercises that burn fat and build leg muscles:

Cardiovascular Exercise. The most surefire way to burn body-fat in your core is to perform heart-rate elevating cardiovascular exercise. You can walk or jog on a treadmill, but using an elliptical machine is perfect for apple shapes. The elliptical on moderate resistance can help you build your leg muscles while you burn fat from your core.

Lower-body Strength training. The classic leg press is a great way to strengthen and build all of your leg muscles. When you are ready to advance, you can switch from leg presses to squats to work your legs and core.


If you have a pear-shaped body, then you carry much of your extra weight in your hips and thighs.

Good exercises for people with pear-shaped figures include:

Upper-body strength training. Shoulder presses, bicep curls, and tricep kick-backs can help you build your shoulder and arm muscles to balance out your larger lower body.
Classic Crunches. Most pears have killer waistlines, and you can enhance your already flat belly and small waist by working out your core muscles. Crunches done on an exercise ball can help you define your waist even further.

Pears also benefit from fat-burning cardio to help burn fat from hips and thighs, but you don’t want resistance that can bulk up your lower body further. Walking on a flat surface can help you burn fat without bulking up.


Rectangles carry their weight relatively evenly from head to toe. Rectangles benefit from all-over fat burning exercises and full-body weight training to build curves where you may not feel you have them.

Great exercises for rectangles include:
Any cardio. From jogging to elliptical training to aerobic classes, any cardio exercise can help you burn fat.

Upper-body sculpting. You should work your arms and shoulder with shoulder presses, bicep curls, and tricep kickbacks to sculpt and shape them.
Glute and leg work. Build up a killer derriere, awesome quads, and sculpted calves with squats. Walking lunges are also great defining glutes and legs.

The Hourglass

These hourglass beauties have curves galore, but they also tend to store extra fat all of the body. Zap fat and torch calories with high-energy cardio such as Zumba or HITT several times a week. Throw in a couple of sessions of all over strength training and you will give Jessica Rabbit a run for her money.

Even though ideal silhouette of a woman’s body has been pulled, stretched and even airbrushed into what the world thinks is should be, women are beautiful regardless of shape or size. So work with what you have, and make what you have work for you.

Every body is different, so every exercise routine should differ, as well. Keep your body shape in mind when working out, so you can shed fat while building muscle in the right places to balance your body.

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27 Photos That Demonstrate The Power Of Makeup

27 Photos That Demonstrate The Power Of Makeup

27 Photos That Demonstrate The Power Of Makeup

Ah, makeup…
Although natural beauty is wonderful, most women would agree that cosmetics help to accentuate the positive and downplay the negative. Even the most alluring women in history were known to use some makeup tricks. Back in her day, the famed seductress Cleopatra was known for her skill with cosmetics. In fact, historians even claim that she wrote books on makeup application!

Fast forward a few millennia, and witness the beauty of screen goddess Marilyn Monroe, who knew exactly which angles and shades to play up on her beautiful visage. As for more recent times, reality star Kim Kardashian may be controversial, but no one can dispute the fact that the woman has mastered the art of smokey eyeshadow.
Whether you love or hate makeup, here are 27 photos that illustrate its powers of transformation on the best canvas imaginable…the human face.

makeup 1

makeup 2

makeup 3

makeup 4



makeup 6

makeup 7

makeup 8

makeup 9

makeup 10

makeup 11

makeup 12

makeup 13

makeup 14

makeup 15

makeup 16

makeup 17

makeup 18

makeup 19

makeup 20

makeup 21

makeup 22

makeup 24

makeup 25

makeup 27

makeup 26

makeup 23