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20 Unusual Uses For Eggs, Egg Shells, and Egg Cartons

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20 Unusual Uses For Eggs, Egg Shells, and Egg Cartons

20 Unusual Uses For Eggs, Egg Shells, and Egg Cartons

Do you have extra eggs, eggshells or egg cartons lying around? Don’t toss them out! Here’s 20 unusual ways to put them to good use.

20 Unusual Uses For Eggs, Egg Shells, and Egg Cartons

1. Attack Stubborn Messes

Have stubborn messes that soap and water alone won’t take care of? Crushed eggshells provide gentle but effective scrubbing power.

2. Start Seedlings

An empty egg carton is the perfect place to start seedlings where they won’t be eaten by wild animals or overgrown by weeds.

3. Organize Your Scrapbooking Supplies

Keep small buttons, grommets and paper scraps organized while you are working by placing them in an empty egg carton near your work surface.

4. Make Your Own Christmas Ornaments

For a truly unique decoration, empty and decorate eggs. They can be made into any color and design you like.

5. Fertilize Your Garden

Replace your soil’s lost nutrients by adding crushed eggshells. Eggshells contain lots of calcium, a mineral your plants need to grow.

6. Condition Your Hair

Get shiny, lustrous hair by conditioning your hair with a mix of eggs and olive oil. Recipe

7. Add Some Vitamins to Your Pet’s Diet

Keep your pet healthy in a natural way by crushing eggshells and adding them to his food.

8. Make a Paint Cup

The next time your children want to play with paints, squeeze the paints into an empty egg carton so the mess is contained.

9. Store Small Ornaments

Use old egg cartons to store small ornaments. The cartons will keep the ornaments separated, unscratched and unbroken.

10. Deter Slugs and Snails

Crushed eggshells sprinkled in your garden is a great way to deter pests such as slugs and snails.

11. Make a Better Cup of Coffee

If your coffee is too bitter, try adding a little crushed egg shell to your coffee grounds before brewing for a smoother, more enjoyable flavor.

12. Make Your Own Compost

Why spend the money on fertilizer when you can make your own? Eggshells are a great addition.

13. Moisturize Your Skin

Is your skin dry and cracking? Wash your face and body with an egg yolk wash for skin that is soft and smooth.

14. Clean Your Leather

Keep your leather furniture looking clean and shiny by wiping it with egg white. Egg whites are a safe and natural way to strip the dirt and oils that have built up.

15. Make a Shaker

Fill an empty egg with small pieces of rice for a shaker your little ones will love.

16. Make Your Own Candles

Alternately, fill your empty eggshells with wax and a wick instead, for a beautiful, homemade candle.

17. Pack Your Fragile Items

Don’t waste money on packing peanuts. Tear up old egg cartons for cheap and effective packing material.

18. Whiten Your Laundry

Keep your laundry looking fresh and new by adding crushed eggshells in a closed cotton sack. The shells will whiten while your machine cleans.

19. Freeze Ice for a Party

Do you need more ice for a party than you have ice cube trays? Use plastic egg cartons in a pinch.

20. Treat Acne

Mix eggshells and apple cider vinegar together for a safe and natural acne treatment.

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