Basic Tips For Keeping Your Kids Healthy And Safe This Summer

Summer is undeniably one of the most amazing moments of a child’s life. School lets out and the kid has plenty of time to spend with their family and friends. However, this also means that they’re going to be venturing outside and exposing themselves to new risks. It is pertinent to take precaution to ensure […]

How to Deal With the Dark Side of a Bright Day

While the sun has many beneficial qualities, its damaging effects are well-documented. The ozone layer, which protects us from excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation, isn’t as thick as it used to be. Today’s reality is that more of the sun’s UV radiation reaches the earth’s surface, and these rays cause a variety of health problems, […]

Don’t Get Burned!

The fact is that many expensive sunscreens are not as effective as some cheap competitors. This amazing infographic is a useful guide in choosing the best sunscreen for these sunny days.    

Dear 16-year-old Me

If you’re not among those 5.7 million people who watched this video in the past 365 days, please do it right now. Skin cancer is everywhere and it’s obviously bad. If you want to save a life, you need to educate yourself and others about skin cancer and show them how to detect it.   […]

Everything you need to know about sunscreens

As summer time approaches in northern hemisphere, it’s now time to go to the pools, sea or even the parks for enjoying the sunny days. To protect our skin from sunlight we need sunscreens. This infographic answers almost all the questions you may have about sunscreen: What’s UV? What’s SPF? How much sunscreen should we […]