10 Essential Foods for Keeping Your Labia Healthy

10 Essential Foods for Keeping Your Labia Healthy

As a woman, the health of your honeypot is an important aspect of your life. A lot of women struggle with a type of lady part issue at some point. Urinary tract infections (UTIs), yeast and bacterial infections, thrush, vaginitis, dryness, or excessive discharge can make any woman miserable. The factors that affect the health […]

10 Complaints Relationship Therapists Hear Everyday

10 Complaints Relation Therapists Hear Everyday Relation-therapists are used to hearing about the issues that many couples have with their private-life. For some people, this can often cause problems to develop in other areas of the relationship. To learn about the complaints that Relation-therapists hear the most, there are a few common problems among men […]

25 Things You Learn When Your Best Friend Is Suffering From Depression

25 Things You Learn When Your Best Friend Is Suffering From Depression You and your best friend are so close that it’s almost as if you are one person. You share everything, well almost everything. Sadly, your favorite person suffers from depression. 1. You fell hard in friendship love when you first met and probably […]

If You’re Experiencing THIS, You’re Not Sad, You’re Depressed

Here’s What Wikipedia Doesn’t Tell You about Depression There is a significant distinction between being sad and being depressed. While they are similar on the surface, the impact of depression is much more devastating and more debilitating than sadness, lasting longer and substantially interfering with the functions of everyday life. Although there are some things […]

How to Talk to Your Partner about Erectile Dysfunction

If your partner is experiencing difficulties getting an erection, rest assured you’re not alone. It is estimated that half of all men aged between 40 and 70 have erectile dysfunction (ED) to some degree, and the problem can affect younger men too. Despite the fact that this issue is so common, couples can find it […]