Serotonin and Depression Medications

Depression Medications – Serotonin plays a fundamental role as a neurotransmitter substance in behaviors such as aggression, core temperature, mood, sleep, physical desire, and appetite. High and low levels of this neurotransmitter will impact positively or negatively human patterns in these areas. Also, the available serotonin in the brain regulates melatonin, another hormone involved in […]

Anxiety…What if I Am Not As Happy With My New Baby As I Expected?

New mother anxiety can be overwhelming. Not only do you wake up with a body you don’t recognize, a life that is nothing like the one glamorously portrayed in commercials, but you wake up with this tiny human in your home whom you may or may not connect with. Moms who do not feel immediately […]

Women’s Mental Health

We have a wonderful poster with facts and figures on women’s health issues for you.  All the facts and figures in an easy to read format, it’s astounding how many of us take care of our bodies and neglect our mental health.