12 Estrogen-Rich Foods That Help You Balance Your Hormones

12 Estrogen-Rich Foods That Help You Balance Your Hormones [nextpage title=”…”] Produced in the ovaries, estrogen is the female hormone responsible for a number of roles from skin and lady part health to speeding of the metabolism, love drive, and more. Whether you are experiencing a deficiency in estrogen due to age or an underlying […]

More Reasons to Eat Fruit

More Reasons to Eat Fruit: Cherries help calm your nervous system Grapes relax your blood vessels Peaches are rich in potassium, fluoride and iron Apples help your body develop resistance against infection Watermelon helps control your heart rate Oranges help maintain great skin and vision Strawberries can potentially fight against cancer and aging Bananas are […]

Rethink Your Drink

This picture compares the sugar contents of different drinks. The best and healthiest drink among all drinks is water. If you like to have some taste, why not add a tiny slice of lemon or other fruits to that?     How about this refreshing drink? It’s so easy-to-prepare and you only need fresh fruits, […]