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Kiwi’s Vitamin C Magic: A Natural Substitute for Supplements

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In the pursuit of optimal health, researchers unveil the remarkable benefits of incorporating SunGold kiwis into daily nutrition. A recent study suggests that consuming two of these golden gems a day can significantly elevate vitamin C levels, offering a natural alternative to supplementation. This article explores the study’s findings and delves into the nutritional prowess of SunGold kiwis.


Distinguished by their smooth, hairless skin and vibrant yellow fruit, SunGold kiwifruits are a nutritional powerhouse. Surpassing green kiwis, these golden wonders provide more than 290% of the daily recommended vitamin C intake per gram.

Vitamin C Boost and Beyond

The study, encompassing 24 healthy males aged 25 to 60, showcased compelling results. Daily consumption of two SunGold kiwis for six weeks not only elevated vitamin C levels by 150 mg per day but also increased fiber intake. Importantly, participants experienced no adverse impacts on inflammatory or metabolic biomarkers.

Immune Boosting Power of Kiwifruit

Renowned for fortifying the immune system, kiwifruit becomes particularly relevant during cold and flu seasons. Dr. Laura Purdy emphasizes the significance of a robust immune system, with kiwis emerging as a delicious and natural means of achieving this.

Nutrient Density and Snacking Reinvented

Jacqueline Wyman, a registered dietitian nutritionist, underscores the exceptional vitamin C content in SunGold kiwis. With 130 mg of vitamin C in an 80 g piece, incorporating one or two kiwis into daily nutrition ensures meeting recommended vitamin C levels. Moreover, choosing kiwis as a snack enhances overall nutrition, replacing less nutrient-dense alternatives.

Kiwifruit’s Impact on Cold and Flu

While the large doses of vitamin C for preventing colds remain inconclusive, research suggests that kiwifruit may reduce the severity and duration of cold symptoms. A 2012 study revealed that regular kiwi consumption led to milder congestion and quicker resolution of cold symptoms.

Diverse Health Benefits of Kiwifruit

Beyond immune support, kiwifruit offers a myriad of health benefits. Studies indicate its potential to increase HDL cholesterol, reduce triglycerides, lower blood pressure, and aid individuals with anemia by boosting iron levels when consumed with iron-rich meals.

Incorporating Kiwi into Daily Routine

As winter approaches, Jacqueline Wyman recommends planning to include kiwi in midday snacks or desserts alongside other vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables. She emphasizes the holistic benefits of obtaining vitamin C from diverse food sources rather than supplements.

SunGold kiwis emerge not only as a delectable addition to daily nutrition but as a potent natural source of vitamin C. Their potential to eliminate the need for supplementation, coupled with diverse health benefits, positions kiwifruit as a nutritional hero in promoting overall well-being. As winter approaches, embracing these golden delights becomes a practical and enjoyable strategy for fortifying health.

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