Drug Addiction – Causes, Signs, Effects, Treatment

Drug Addiction - Causes, Signs, Effects, Treatment

Some people think that addiction is just a phase in a person’s life that they would eventually get over with it. However, when you are addicted especially to drugs, the withdrawal will not be pleasant. Resisting the urge to use them are always unsuccessful. Users are still convinced to use them repeatedly even though they […]

Easing the Opioid Epidemic: Science Says Medical Marijuana Could Be the Key

Americans are intimately familiar with the names of prescription painkillers like Phrenilin, Vicodin, OxyContin and Percocet. Familiarity comes from an unfortunate and enduring trend among physicians in this country to head out prescriptions for the most insignificant of pain complaints. This is a problem because these drugs are opioids — compounds that are chemically similar […]

The Social Impact of Substance Abuse


Often when people are addicted to something they only think about their next fix. “I mean after all it’s my addiction, my problem. Right?” Wrong! Drug and substance may affect you greatly, but to some degree, it also affects the people around you. “But how can my addiction affect someone else?” most addicts ask. When you […]