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Drug Addiction – Causes, Signs, Effects, Treatment

Drug Addiction - Causes, Signs, Effects, Treatment

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Some people think that addiction is just a phase in a person’s life that they would eventually get over with it. However, when you are addicted especially to drugs, the withdrawal will not be pleasant. Resisting the urge to use them are always unsuccessful. Users are still convinced to use them repeatedly even though they know the harm that it can cause them.

Drug Addiction - Causes, Signs, Effects, Treatment

You must remember that drug addiction is not only talking about heroin, or maybe cocaine, or other illegal drugs. Many are also addicted to opioids, alcohol, nicotine, and even painkillers. Most users take drugs because of the way it makes them feel good. You will always think that you have full control over your usage until it’s too late.

Addiction and Abuse: What’s The Difference?

Addiction and abuse are commonly interchanged words. However, these two are different from each other.

Drug Abuse. This is when you use illegal substances when you should not. This happens when you take more than the prescribed dose, or you may also use other people’s prescription. You use drugs and abuse them to feel good, relieve yourself from stress, and sometimes, to avoid reality. With drug abuse, you will be able to change or stop using these substances.

Addiction. On the other hand, Addiction is different. This is when you can’t make yourself stop from taking these substances. This is where you put your health in danger. Other than that, it may cause financial and emotional problems and may affect not only you but also your loved ones and the people who care about you. At this state, you think and feel you can’t live without taking this drugs.

Drug Addiction – Who Is At Risk?

Each of us responds differently to drugs. Some would be able to feel elated, yet some may not like it. It does not mean that when you use drugs you can get addicted. Not everyone does. However, there are triggers that may increase your chances of addiction.

Family History

Our genes are responsible for a lot of things. Our traits and characteristics, our illnesses, our personalities, and so much more. For example one of your family members, like your parents or your siblings, have a history of addiction, once you start the habit, you will most likely follow their footsteps as well. This is not gendered specific. Men and women can both become addicted.

Mental Disorder

Depression is one of the triggers of addiction. There are chances that you would turn to drugs for you to feel better. In return, it will be hard to break the habit and you will become addicted.

Early Drug Use

A child’s brain is still growing. When a child takes too many drugs at an early age, it may affect the brain’s’ development. This is the reason why younger users tend to get addicted more easily.

Signs Of Addiction To Watch Out For

Getting addicted does not happen overnight. It is a gradual process. These are the signs that you should take note when you are using drugs for any reason. You should watch out for the following:

• An uncontrollable urge to use drugs on a daily basis which can sometimes be multiple times a day.
• Taking more drugs than what you need to for a longer period of time.
• Keeping the drug close to you.
• When you start buying drugs that you cannot even afford anymore.
• When drug use causes trouble at work and it makes you cranky.
• You spend more time alone than what you are used to.
• You stop taking care of yourself.
• When you start to steal and lie just to use your drugs.
• You feel sick when you start trying to stop.

When To Get Help?

There are some instances that a drug addict is in a denial stage. Getting help should always start with you. Once you start to see the signs listed above in you, or when your drug use gets out of control, it is time to see a doctor. Remember that treatment may take time and you could also look up some drug rehab forums to understand what people are doing to get over the addiction. There is no cure for addiction yet, but these treatments can help you stop using these drugs and stay free of it.

Drug Addiction Treatments

There are different treatment methods for drug addiction. Here are some of the most successful options used in treating drug addiction.

• Behavioral counseling or therapies
• Medication
• Skills training
• Using medical devices and other applications that can be used for the treatment of withdrawal symptoms.
• Evaluation and treatment of any co-occurring mental health problems.
• Follow up for the prevention of possible relapse.

There is a wide range of different care and treatment programs as well as follow up options when you have a drug addiction. What is important is your willingness and perseverance to get better.

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