Are Diet Pills a Good Way to Lose Weight?

DIET PILLS Opting for diet pills is very common this days, as a matter of fact it is estimated that more than two million people take weight-loss drugs. Diet pills seem to be a short-term option for quick weight loss, especially for those who no longer have time to exercise and are having difficulty dieting. […]

Lemon Detox Diet

The Master Cleanse The lemon detox diet is a popular detox option, it’s effective at breaking down built-up toxins in your body while contributing to short-term weight loss. Ever since Beyonce was associated with the Lemon Detox diet, there has been a surge of interest in this particular plan. The creator of the Lemonade Detox Diet […]

How to Make a Perfect Smoothie for Healthy Living

Nowadays smoothies are everywhere and the smoothie phenomenon is the next big thing in the food industry: Even Burger King has a “Real Fruit” smoothie line!! So the question is are all smoothies healthy? Let’s take a closer look at Burger King’s Strawberry Banana “Real Fruit Smoothie”. It contains sugar syrup, natural flavors (???), Xanthan […]

Strawberry Banana Lime coconut Milk Smoothie

This recipe for a smoothie is perfect for many different situations, an on-the-go breakfast when you are running late, a sweet treat at the end of the night, or it can even be a perfect cocktail with some rum blended in, for a sunny afternoon. It is extremely easy to prepare, just mix all the […]

5 Smoothies That Aid Fast Weight Loss That May Surprise You!

5 Smoothies That Aid Fast Weight Loss That May Surprise You!   Here are a few surprising Detox smoothies you may not have thought of that can help you on your way to Quick weight loss! Peanut butter and banana Believe it or not, this delicious energy boosting-smoothie’s secret is in the amount of protein […]