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Are Diet Pills a Good Way to Lose Weight?

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Are Diet Pills a Good Way to Lose Weight?


Opting for diet pills is very common this days, as a matter of fact it is estimated that more than two million people take weight-loss drugs.

Diet pills seem to be a short-term option for quick weight loss, especially for those who no longer have time to exercise and are having difficulty dieting. But in the longterm they have their own drawbacks. The best and most effective way to weight loss is behavioral modification, healthy diet and physical activity.

The problem comes when you start taking a pill and your body doesn’t respond well to it, here is when deciding what type of diet pill is the best is tricky, the key to know which one is best for you is to understand that it depends on the person who is taking the pills and all the factors in this person’s lifestyle including diet, and physical health.

Below you can inform yourself more about the types and effects since there are some diet pills that are considered better than others.

Are Diet Pills a Good Way to Lose Weight?

1.over-the-counter weight-loss supplements
2.diet pills that are prescribed by doctors.


1.Prescription Pills: These pills are only available after being prescribed by a doctor.
• This pills are generally restricted,unless the patient’s BMI is above 30 or it is prescribed sometimes to patient’s with health conditions relating to weight such as diabetes.
• Common prescription pills: Xenical, Phentermine, Meridia

2. Appetite Suppressants: they work by imitating the signals sent from your stomach to your brain, it tricks your brain by making it think you’re full.
• Some of them contain ingredients like caffeine, green tea extract or EGCG, garcinia cambogia or hydroxycitric acid (HCA) known natural substances that work as stimulants and increase heart rate and blood pressure.
• Appetite suppressants: Appesat, phen375, proactol

3. Natural Diet Pills these are all made with100% natural ingredients.
• vegetarians & vegans opt for this one for the fact it is full natural.
• Natural diet pills: LIPObind

4. Fat Burners: better known as thermogenic diet pills. Have ingredients like ephedrine or caffeine. These are mostly consumed by bodybuilders or people who regularly go to the gym.

• They speed up the metabolism, only by exercise regularly.
• these contain ingredients such as stimulants like caffeine as main ingredients.
• Fat burners: Hot Rox Extreme, oxy elitepro, super HD

5.Fat Blockers: they prevent the fat from your foods to be stored in your body as fat cells. They do this by helping the digestive system from breaking down the fat from the foods you eat.
• they pass undigested through the body and out with the waste
• Types of fat blockers: Alli, xenical,

6.Diuretics Diet Pills: known as Water Pills.
• primary job is to eliminate the excess fluid.
• side effects can be expected out of this pill, so a better option and full natural is to drink Green Tea.


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