Why You Should be Addicted to Health and Books ? 

Health and books are two significant parts of a person’s lifestyle irrespective of their age group. Nowadays, every individual has started to focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and when it comes to books, they are a great source to gain knowledge. Books are the main entrance to the world of learning and earning. For […]

Can Nail Color Change Your Mood?

Can Nail Color Change Your Mood

The colors you choose for your manicure can also affect your mood more than you think. Researchers say that we perceive colors as associations with different things, that`s why the colors have their own inner meanings beyond simple visual stimulation. You can also manage your mood changing your nail color as different colors send special […]

3 Ways Sleep Impacts Health

It’s no secret that sleep is vital for maintaining optimal physical, mental, and emotional health. However, most people don’t get enough of it. Most adults need seven to eight hours of sleep each night, yet, according to a recent Gallup poll, the average American gets just 6.8 hours of shuteye each night. 1. Mental Impacts […]

X Finds Y Funny. Why Doesn’t Y Find X Funny?

X Finds Y Funny. Why Doesn’t Y Find X Funny? By: Laurelyn Burton No, it’s not an algebra problem, although it already sounds more interesting than anything that was pushed on me in high school math class. This conundrum is about X chromosomes (female) and Y (male) chromosomes, and how they relate to each other […]

4 Things That Make Any Man Instantly Prettier

4 Things That Make Any Man Instantly Prettier! It’s an age-old discussion and one that just about anyone has their two cents to chime in with. What does make a man more attractive? From the perspective of the guy who’s always alone on Friday night, it can be extremely frustrating to look in the mirror […]

What Your Daydream Reveals About You

What Your Daydream Reveals About You: • You tend to daydream less as you get older Anticipating the future, especially in a fantasy context, is what daydreaming is all about. Young people are generally the ones who have more fantasies compared to older people. You often find young people have power fantasies, like how would […]

Right Brain vs Left Brain

Have you ever wondered which side of your brain is the strongest? I have often heard left handed people are in their right minds, but I don’t think that’s necessarily true. After looking at this poster I think my mind is right in the middle! I don’t know if that’s even possible… check out this […]