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Can Nail Color Change Your Mood?

Can Nail Color Change Your Mood

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The colors you choose for your manicure can also affect your mood more than you think. Researchers say that we perceive colors as associations with different things, that`s why the colors have their own inner meanings beyond simple visual stimulation. You can also manage your mood changing your nail color as different colors send special signals to your brain and in such a way you can change your attitude to the world around now.

Can Nail Color Change Your Mood

So, let’s see how the nail color influences your mood and how you can correct it just choosing the suitable color.

Passionate Red

This special color is known as a color of love. If you`re not sure of yourself and that’s bothering you choose red for your nails. It can help to attract guys` attention and will always look sexual on your nails. But be careful with this color as red can raise blood pressure and increase respiratory rate, but at the same time, it can work wonders with your mood. Choose this color when you’re nervous or a little scared as it can help you gather your thoughts and inner strength and do everything that you`re planning.

Bright or pastel yellow

Yellow – an optimistic and joyful color – can improve even the worst mood. If you`re heavy-hearted or have some troubles at work sunny shades of yellow is the best way to cheer you up. Yellow is associated with energy, inspiration and happiness. This color stimulates you to laugh at your problems and enjoy life.


Romantic pink

If you`re feeling irritated and something goes wrong today pull out a pink polish and paint your nail. Pink is a very calming color and it will change your mood immediately on romantic and dreamy. With pink nails, you’ll forget about all your troubles.


Royalty orange

This unique color is a wonderful mix of yellow`s happiness and red`s passion. Such highly popular color gives us a sensation of heat. When it`s cold or rainy out this color can improve your mood and stimulates to actions as orange is a color of creativity and enthusiasm. If you`re feeling a little sad wear the orange nails and your mood will change right away and you’ll be ready for new adventures.


Freshening green

Sometimes you feel the lack of energy and you want to do nothing just sleep. A green polish helps you, in this case, to make your mood better and to refresh your life force. Green is associated with nature and the beauty of the natural world that`s why this color is so magic – it helps you to rejuvenate yourself and divers from routine.


Restful blue and its shades

Blue and the shades of blue are considered as anti-stress and calming colors and if you`re feeling stressed out they can help cardinally change your mood and feel you more relaxed. When you paint your nails with any blue hues your nervousness and worry will be changed with peacefulness and tranquility.


Stimulating purple

Incredible purple nails are the best choice if you`re feeling bad and don’t know what to do with your low spirits. If you’re embarrassed this color activates your life energy and  make your image brighter. Purple is known as a color that can influence your intuition so if you can’t make a decision wear purple nails and it comes to you.


As you see it’s not so difficult to improve your mood using just the best-suited nail polish if you really want to do that. Try to choose the right color for yourself guided by your associations.

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