8 Hair Mistakes You’re Making in the Shower

8 Hair Mistakes You’re Making in the Shower Everybody wants to have great-looking hair. Some even go to great lengths to improve the appearance of their locks. However, all the hair products and styling in the world won’t make your hair look its best if you’re making the following mistakes in the shower. 1. Washing […]

8 Clever Ways to Use Yogurt Everyone Should Know

Unusual Uses for Yogurt Yogurt is a nutritional superstar! Ever thought about its unusual uses? Here are some of our favorite unusual uses for yogurt: 1. Use on hands Take plain yogurt and add 1 tablespoon honey to make a sweet soak. Since honey is a natural humectant, it will help retain moisture to keep […]

10 Extraordinary Uses For Hair Conditioner

Have you ever thought about using your left-over conditioner for something other than your hair? It is as interesting as it sounds. Here is how you can make use of your conditioner for other things: 1. Fabric Softener Hair conditioner makes a good substitute for fabric softener. Dilute the conditioner with water and keep it […]

8 Hidden Dangers in Beauty Products

8 Hidden Dangers in Beauty Products Many of us like to look good when we go out or to a social gathering. Cosmetics have been used for centuries to help people look good, but have you ever thought about the effects cosmetics have on your skin? This article will discuss the harmful effects cosmetics can […]

Ways to Keep Hair From Getting Greasy

Ways to Keep Hair From Getting Greasy By Khrystyana Kirton Edited by Stephanie Dawson Reviewed by Nima Shei MD Greasy hair is the term used to denote flat, limp hair that clumps together with a stringy appearance, even after washing with shampoo. It may appear as if the hair has not been washed in a […]