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10 Extraordinary Uses For Hair Conditioner

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10 Extraordinary Uses For Hair Conditioner

Have you ever thought about using your left-over conditioner for something other than your hair? It is as interesting as it sounds.

Here is how you can make use of your conditioner for other things:

1. Fabric Softener
Hair conditioner makes a good substitute for fabric softener. Dilute the conditioner with water and keep it in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on your washcloth and rub it together, then toss in the dryer with damp clothes. Each cloth can be used for 3 dryer cycles before it needs to be washed and refilled.

2. Make-Up Remover
Stop splurging on expensive make-up removers and try this. Your hair conditioner can easily and quickly remove your make-up for much less.

Extraordinary Uses For Hair Conditioner

3. Shoe protector
Don’t like the white lines around your shoes? Here is an easy and simple way to protect your shoes against salt and chemicals during the winter. Lather your boots and shoes with hair conditioner in order to keep them safe from the harsh elements.

4. Shaving legs
We sometimes find the skin on our legs rough and harsh after shaving. You can use hair conditioner instead of shaving cream when shaving your legs.If you are using shaving cream, you can rub some conditioner on your legs for a smooth texture.

5. Use on rusty tools
Its important to take care of your tools as they help us fix many things in our daily life. Rub them with conditioner to condition them and keep them rust-free.

6. Clean Silk Clothes
Here is a cheap easy way to clean silk garments. Fill your tub with warm water for white clothes or cold water for colors, add one tablespoon hair conditioner to it and immerse your silk, leave it for a few minutes, rinse and air dry.

7. Moisturizer
Avoid using expensive cream for your feet and use your left-over conditioner as moisturizer. Apply it to your feet and put on a pair of white cotton socks. This will leave your feet soft and smooth by morning.

8. Clean your houseplants
Don’t like seeing your plants with dull leaves? Here is one way to make them shine. Put a little conditioner on your dust-rag and wipe the leaves. This will leave the leaves shiny and act as a barrier against further dust.

10 Extraordinary Uses For Hair Conditioner

9. Fix your shrunken sweater
To bring your shrunken sweater back to its normal size pour some warm water in a tub and add one tablespoon hair conditioner. Leave it for 30 minutes, then take it out and stretch it. It should be back to its normal size after drying.

10. Pain free bandage removal
Apply some hair conditioner to the area around your bandage where the adhesive touches the skin, leave for a few minutes before pulling it off. Use more conditioner if needed. This will help you pull the bandage off without pain.

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